1 November 2015

USA Board Meeting Agenda – November 1, 2015

A.     Call Meeting to Order 6:05pm

Attending: Amanda Grzych, Mike Schatz, Mark Atkinson, Patricia Wilton, Richard Tharrett, Danielle Ross, Max Schulze, Mitch Wittenburg, Steve Walters, Nick Braun, Grace Luccio, Walker Orner, Rachel Sindelar, Owen Farmer, Shelley Kovacic.

B.     Old Business

  1. USA Funds – Certified Coaches and Grants to new Clubs
    1. Voted to move forward with both programs using the outline docs. Board approved 6:0 in favour.
    2. Select Heads of Committees
      1. Patricia will lead the certified coaches committee.
      2. Patricia suggested contacting Liz Wilson and Phil sanders for STEP (Startup Equipment Program). Amanda will contact.
    3. Set Deadline for Recruitment and Beginning Programs
      1. Email to out before holidays, giving a month to respond with interest.
      2. Facebook and website will be important in reaching out about these opportunities.
  2. Rider Locator
    1. There’s a map of riders in the USA created. How can they contact each other? For now, we will direct people to post on the USA Facebook page. We need Wendy to get more club contact info for the map. Mike and Mark will update the maps with the contact info from Wendy.
    2. unicycle.meetup.com is a similar concept
    3. Aiming to finish by Thanksgiving
  3. Facebook Updates
    1. Amanda will make a schedule for postings
    2. Nick can do this week
    3. Make a post about how to submit events soon
    4. Use FB to post about the programs for sure, think about where to place it on the website

C.     Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

  1. Amanda Grzych, President
    1. Amanda, Patricia, and Mitch’s terms are done this year
  2. Patricia Wilton, Vice President
  3. Kenny Cason, Secretary
  4. Mike Schatz, Treasurer
    1. Everything is the same. Membership went up. No expenses.
  5. Mark Atkinson, Director
  6. Mitch Wittenberg, Director
    1. Expert t-shirts could go on Facebook. Will take inventory so we can post on Facebook. Can contact junior officers to create post. Advertise the years we have. Will continue to try to get in contact with Gilby.
  7. Steve Walter, Director
  8. Grace Luccio, Jr. Director (shadow president)
  9. Nick Braun, Jr. Director (social media & advertising)
    1. Suggested adding Facebook ‘Like’ button on the USA website. Nick will email Mark and Mike with details.
  10. Walker Orner, Jr. Director (urban riders)
    1. Suggested using Googledoc for ideas – Walker will make and send out
  11. Rachel Sindelar, Jr. Director (social media & advertising)
  12. Richard & Rick Tharrett, OOW
    1. Since you can’t upload files to Facebook, we should add links for OOW that take you to the .pdf on the USA website. Jr officers will post the link.
    2. Next issue should be ready in next month
  13. Mike Schatz, Webmaster
  14. Max Schulze, Trials and Street Adviser/Coordinator and Scholarship Committee Chair
  15. Danielle Ross, Beginner Rider Chairperson
  16. Patricia Wilton, USA Level Tester
    1. February will be the next meeting – it will be one year from the previous and will be good for people to renew.

D.     New Business

  1. Urban competition/meet proposal – Walker and Nick
    1. Aiming for next year, spring or fall, so it doesn’t conflict with NAUCC. Some name suggestions: ucna and urbancon.
      1. Patricia questioned whether riders would choose the urban meet over NAUCC.
      2. Unicon year concerns
      3. Wouldn’t have to do national awards
      4. Make the last weekend for urban comp at NAUCC. Same length just a different schedule. Let’s think about it for the next meeting.

E.      Announcements

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. Unicon 2016
      1. Registration is open – post on Facebook
    2. NAUCC 2016
      1. Wendy will give us updates – ask for updates
  2. Anything else?
    1. Rulebook – IUF prelim version in May, reorganization isn’t ready yet so no point in rulebook for this year. Reorg should be done soon. Our rulebook session should be brief because it’s more usable for smaller comps like NAUCC now.

G.     Meeting Adjourned 6:57 pm