12 June 2016

USA Board Meeting Agenda – June 12, 2016

A.     Call Meeting to Order: 12:05pm EST

Attending: Amanda Grzych, Patricia Wilton, Kenny Cason, Mike Schatz, Mark Atkinson, Mitch Wittenberg

B.     Old Business

  1. USA Programs
    1. Club Outreach
      1. Make major clubs aware so they can spread the word to those who contact them.
      2. Do we need to contact clubs individually? Seems likely. Good first step after Nationals.
      3. Also get it up on the web site. Amanda will edit the text.
    2. STEP Program
      1. Kinda on hold for now.
  2. Rider Locator
    1. Bring up at Nationals, but limited sample of riders there.
    2. Perhaps a check box for members to give permission, but have the ability to opt-out.
    3. This should be a benefit of membership.
  3. NAUCC 2016 Concerns
    1. South Dakota people are beginning to register now.
    2. Scheduling conflicts are being resolved, but there are still concerns.
      1. Track events take longer than typically allotted.
      2. Amanda will inquire if the track can be reserved longer, and start earlier.
    3. Expert t-shirts: need to vote whether USA pays for them.
      1. Patricia proposes $450, seconded by Mark. Approved.
  4. How to run NAUCC
    1. Patricia has shared all docs (budget, etc) she has with SVUC for 2017.
    2. The Nationals liaison should be given access to all docs available.
    3. Perhaps a Google Docs drive to hold the docs for archiving and sharing.
    4. Separate email addresses will be created for each position in the USA organization. This keeps personal and business emails separate plus fosters continuity when people change positions.
  5. Timeline of Board Activity
    1. Gathering calendar items and getting them organized.
    2. Will be posted to Google drive when in better shape.
  6. Directors Review
    1. Feedback: The Jr. Directors like the program.
    2. They need distinct goals instead of a broad request. For example: publish one tutorial video per month, versus “go post on Facebook”.
    3. Too many people to keep busy, and 6 months is too short a time to get them properly involved. Recommend limitting the number of JDs and extend their time.
    4. The new board should choose the new JDs, but applications for those positions should be made available by the old board, preferably before Nationals each year.

C.     Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

    1. Amanda Grzych, President
    2. Patricia Wilton, Vice President
    3. Kenny Cason, Secretary
    4. Mike Schatz, Treasurer
      1. Financials have been distributed to the board.
      2. Insurance payment due this month.
      3. Membership numbers continue to be healthy.
    5. Mark Atkinson, Director
      1. Updating the web page to reference the IUF Skill Levels.
    6. Mitch Wittenberg, Director
      1. Still has a handful of 2014 Expert t-shirts for riders who qualify. Posted this on Facebook.
      2. No response so will post again, plus an email.
    7. David Panofsky, Director
    8. Steve Walter, Director
    9. Grace Luccio, Jr. Director (shadow president)
    10. Nick Braun, Jr. Director (social media & advertising)
    11. Walker Orner, Jr. Director (urban riders)
    12. Rachel Sindelar, Jr. Director (social media & advertising)
    13. Owen Farmer, Jr. Director (social media)
    14. Shelley Kovacic, Jr. Director (advertising & design)
    15. Richard & Rick Tharrett, OOW
    16. Scott Wilton & Mike Schatz, Webmaster
      1. Need new JD application to post to the web site.
    17. Wendy Grzych, Affiliate Club Coordinator
    18. Wendy Grzych, Insurance Coordinator
    19. Max Schulze, Trials and Street Adviser/Coordinator and Scholarship Committee Chair
      1. Only one application received so far.
      2. Max won’t be at Nationals so may need to meet virtually.
    20. Danielle Ross, Beginner Rider Chairperson
    21. Patricia Wilton, USA Level Tester
      1. No workshop at Nationals this year, Skype is working well.

D.     New Business

  1. NAUCC Annual Meeting
    1. Amanda won’t be there (slacker!) so Patricia will run the meeting.
    2. Need a simplified financials slide.

E.      Announcements

    1. Upcoming Events
      1. Unicon 2016
        1. T-shirts are nearly ready for ordering. Will allocate $15 to buy Kyle Alviani a t-shirt since he designed them but is not attending.
        2. Online registration closes in four days!
      2. NAUCC 2016

F.      Anything else?

    1. We want representation in the IUF but are still working out what that means.

G.     Meeting Adjourned