18 June 2017

USA Board Meeting Agenda– June 18, 2017

A.     Call Meeting to Order: 10:00am EDT

Attendees: Aaron Kinsella-Johnson, Patricia Wilton, Mark Atkinson, Jill Cohan, Kenny Cason, Mike Schatz, Danielle Millett

B.      Old Business

  1. NAUCC 2017
    1. Status report and discussion. Help needed?
      1. Venues are locked down, tweaking schedule, keeping web site up to date, budget under control, 200+ attendees so far, order in for ribbons and medals.
      2. 10k venue at slight risk because of government jurisdiction. Backup site identified.
      3. Insurance is good to go.
      4. Marathon Meeting: went very well. Will start on the other side of the tunnel, doesn’t have to be 26.2 miles but will be if you count the fun ride. AJ will post video of the trail.
      5. The schedule is jam packed!
      6. USA Board meeting likely Tuesday.
  2. USA Programs
    1. Coaching Program. Feedback from both coaches and clubs?
      1. No requests since the last two in January.
      2. Some affiliated clubs are unclear of their status, could be reached out to for participation. An email went out in March.
      3. Perhaps after nationals.
      4. Feedback will be shared with the board.
    2. Any more coaching trips planned in his financial year?
      1. Not at this time.
      2. Budget for next year: will vote after financial discussion
  3. Membership Initiative
    1. Non-USA club outreach
      1. Request to add all/any clubs here
        1. We have a list of clubs to contact, just need to do it. We are down a few clubs but still plenty out there.
        2. We likely need a person focused on this task. The Club Liason may not have time.
      2. Did UDC get the new stock of USA postcards?
        1. The quality of the new cards are very poor, don’t know why. The first batch was fabulous. Jill will talk with the printing company.
      3. Feedback re National Unicycle Week and ‘Ride a unicycle day’? Application to Chase’s Calendar of Events for 2018 officially accepted. What can we do better next year?
        1. TCUC got lots of good press!
        2. Some suburbs saw it in the media and are requesting a demo/class.
        3. RTUC ran a weekend of events, may not have gotten the word out as well since not as much publicity attracted. But it was fun!
        4. Could have a daily unicycle challenge on Facebook during the week.
        5. Send the press release template out to the clubs for their use.
        6. USA unicycle photo/video contest.
        7. Does UDC want to be involved (contest, sale, etc)?
      4. USA club outreach
        1. USA hosted inter-club meetings – update on status and plans for ongoing meetings
          1. In talks with Pam Dowling for talks at NAUCC. Working to insert it into the schedule. Danielle will reach out to members at NAUCC to attend.
        2. Several USA-affiliated clubs with no current USA members. Georgia Tech defunct and no response from Spanaway, Sebring (Ohio) and Supercyclers (Pittsburg) – need to update Club Map/Affiliated Club list.
          1. If we don’t hear something by the end of this month they may be removed from the list.
  4. Facebook/Website/Media
    1. Facebook likes and USA website hits are up
      1. Up over 300!
      2. We get a slight bump every time we send a direct email.
      3. May be reaching people, but not the right people.
    2. Direct email using MailChimp working, but need to clean/validate our email database in order to successfully reach our members
      1. 45%-55% open the email. Not many bounced addresses.
      2. This implies engagement from our members, especially when sent direct email.
      3. USA Web site gets decent traffic.
  5. OOW/Constitution/Bylaws Update
    1. Vote closes 15th June
    2. Nearly unanimous in favor!
  6. Scholarship Committee
    1. Deadline for applications 16th June. Plans to review applications?
      1. No applications received so far, but at least one in the works (maybe two).
    2. Nominations for Scholarship Committee members?
      1. Amanda has made a list of people she recommends.
    3. Plans for fund raising at NAUCC?
      1. Received a $500 donation last week!

C.      New Business and 90-day look ahead (USA annual calendar of events)

  1. USA meeting at NAUCC
    1. President will work on the agenda and presentation, but will not be there in person
      1. Hopefully can Skype in.
      2. Voting for new positions
  2. Open Board positions (for nominations and election at Annual Meeting) to be publicized prior to NAUCC
    1. Searching for candidates for all positions
      1. Treasurer
      2. Secretary
      3. Director
  3. Level testing
    1. Skype Level Tester meeting – when?
      1. Difficult to find a time at NAUCC
      2. Skype seems like the better option, perhaps late August
      3. Suggestion to hold a demo of the skills at NAUCC, perhaps video it, so people interested can at least see what the skills look like. Levels 1-7 would be priority. Jill and Pam need to talk about the schedule.
    2. Proposal to introduce USA levels for disciplines other than freestyle
      1. Several groups/people have created levels for other disciplines, but nothing formal or shared between clubs. (Hutchison Trials Levels, Dale’s flat levels, etc)
      2. The intent would be a formal structure for riders to work through, and link riders to USA.
      3. For distance, not so much about skills but mileage: similar to swimming there would be badges for achieving specific distances (10k, 50miles, 100miles, etc). Perhaps broken out by age.
      4. Jill will send Mark information on how swimming works. (gameification works!)
      5. For whatever discipline, “Level 10” should be a huge achievement attainable by only a few.
      6. Any levels should celebrate progression, even if within age group.
      7. Need to create a committee, perhaps start with trials and flat. If that goes well then progress to distance, track, muni, etc. Should be organically generated with buy-in from riders within that discipline.
      8. Once the committee has a plan, perhaps open it up to the greater community for feedback before formalizing and publishing/adopting.
      9. This will be on the agenda at NAUCC. It should be stressed that expressing interest does not guarantee participation in the committee.
  4.  Insurance
    1. Clarify USA membership and affiliated club requirements to be covered by USA insurance
      1. Do clubs need only one USA member to be covered?
      2. Only a few clubs request proof of insurance (for certain practice spaces, parades, etc).
    2. Opportunities to grow our insurance offerings to our members beyond basic liability?
      1. What about a discount at UDC? Too difficult to implement?
  5. Unicon 20 – IUF looking for applications to host. Proposals requested by end 2017.

D.     Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

    1. Mark Atkinson, President
    2. Danielle Millett, Vice President
      1. How did the mini-meet go?
        1. Flaming puck, flat comp, cyclocross, etc
        2. Unfortunately, terrible weather hindered participation
        3. Distance between clubs makes it difficult
        4. Virtual (video) mini-meets? Hmm… Send freestyle routine videos between clubs?
      2. Kenny Cason, Secretary
      3. Mike Schatz, Treasurer
        1. Running a deficit this year, but we have the funds to cover it. Expenses incured this year that are not typical.
        2. Mark proposes $1500 for the Coaching Program for next year. Patricia seconds. Voted and approved.
      4. Jill Cohan, Director
      5. Wendy Grzych, Director
      6. David Panofsky, Director
      7. Patricia Wilton, Director & USA Level Tester
      8. Mark Atkinson & Mike Schatz, Webmasters
      9. Wendy Grzych, Affiliate Club & Insurance Coordinator
      10. Amanda Grzych, Scholarship Committee Chair

E.      Announcements

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. CMQ Urban – July 6-9, Montreal, Canada (link)
      1. Not an “official” competition this year, too expensive in Montreal
    2. NAUCC – July 16-22, Snoqualmie Valley (link)
    3. LAUCC (Latin American Unicycle Convention and Championship) – July 16-23, Mexico City (link)
      1. Urban riding only, no freestyle or muni
    4. EUC 17 Summer – July 18-24, Miskolc, Hungary (link)
    5. European Championship – July 27-Aug 6, Sittard-Geleen, NL (link)
    6. Unicon 19 – July 29- Aug 10 2019 Seoul, South Korea (link)

F.      Anything else?

G.     Meeting Adjourned: 11:32am EDT