18 March 2018

USA Board Meeting Agenda– March 18, 2018

A.     Call Meeting to Order 10:00am EDT

In attendance: Dale Grzych Aaron Johnson, Danielle Millett, Jay Shaeffer, Mark Atkinson, Amanda Grzych, Jill Cohan, Wendy Grzych, Patricia Wilton, Aaron Johnson, Mary Koehler, Mike Schatz

B.      Old Business

  1. NAUCC 2019
    1. Proposal to host in Colorado Jay Shaeffer
      1. Vote for NAUCC 2019 to be in Colorado passed!
      2. No venues reserved as of yet.
      3. July 14-20th? 21-27th? Sunday – Saturday. Anything you can get in July!
      4. Aaron volunteered to be a liaison to assist Jay.
      5. Jay will come back next meeting and keep the board updated.
  2. NAUCC 2018
    1. Status report and discussion. Help needed? Amanda
      1. Adding a day of competition, and shifting events in the schedule.
      2. An email will be sent out regarding these changes.
      3. All venues are locked in.
      4. NAUCC 2018 will have an app on IOS and google play store. Printed copies of information booklets/schedule/maps would still be available for those who want it.
      5. Workshops will be added to schedule now that events are locked in.
      6. Need help locating equipment in Minnesota and figuring out transport to Michigan.
  3. Proposal to investigate renaming NAUCC
    1. Not for discussion – will be included with next Rulebook Committee (2019)
  4. Reduced membership rates for kids in the free/reduced school lunch program
    1. Membership site updates for free membership application Mike
      1. Currently being tested on the test server.
  5. USA Programs
    1. Coaching Program. Any coaching trips being planned? Patricia
      1. Rachel Sindelar is going to Black Hills sometime in May.
      2. Dale Grzych is going to Seattle May 14-16.
  6. Membership Initiative
    1. Non-USA club outreach
      1. Request to add all/any clubs here All
      2. Are postcards for NAUCC 2018 done? Jill
        1. UDC was not interested in swapping out postcards.
      3. USA promotion via other unicycle distributors. Results of initial investigation? Jill
        1. In the process of contacting other unicycle companies.
    2. USA club outreach
      1. USA hosted inter-club meetings.
        1. Feedback from inter-club meeting in Feb Danielle
          1. 4 groups in total. New club being formed in South Carolina?
          2. Another meeting in May and possibly one at NAUCC?
  7. Facebook/Website/Media
    1. Currently scanning old Newsletters and OWW’s (1971 to 2009) to archive and make available to all on USA website Mark/Mike
      1. Still in the process of being scanned.
  8. New USA Levels
    1. Add IUF standard skills to USA website near the USA freestyle levels!
    2. Proposed new flatland levels are here. Feedback from peer review at Mondo? Dale
      1. Dale received feedback and adjusted the levels accordingly. A group was formed to provide feedback and suggestions to adjust levels.
      2. The levels are in the final stages of being completed! They should be finished before next meeting.
      3. Rewards for passing a level? Patches? Stickers?
      4. Creating a video archive of each trick in the levels are being planned. No steps will be taken until the levels are finalized.
      5. Process of certifying level testers is currently being worked on.
      6. NAUCC workshop will be held to certify level testers.
  9. IUF Liaison
    1. Carol Bricker to step down. Proposal to have Patricia pick up this role.
      1. Patricia was voted in to pick up the role as IUF liaison.

C.      New Business and 90-day look ahead (USA annual calendar of events)

  1. Scholarship.
    1. Website has been updated with 2018 dates and forms. Kick-off and plans for fundraising in 2018? Amanda
      1. The scholarship applications will be opening soon. Website will also be updated soon.
  2. Freestyle Levels
    1. Feedback from Level Testers meeting? Patricia
      1. A lot of people showed up!
      2. Need a list of certified level testers for uniusa and clubs.
    2. IUF certification/re-certification requirements. Need to either align with IUF or make USA-specific. Patricia
      1. Bring it up at the next rulebook meeting?
  3. National Unicycle Week
    1. Time to start promoting this year’s official unicycle week! All
    2. Forms for annual renewal of entry in Chase’s Calendar of Events have been received. Need to be turned in by April 15th. Mark

D.      Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

  1. Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports
    1. Mark Atkinson, President
    2. Danielle Millett, Vice President
    3. Dale Grzych, Secretary
    4. Mary Koehler, Treasurer
    5. Jill Cohan, Director
    6. Wendy Grzych, Director
    7. Aaron Johnson, Director
    8. Patricia Wilton, Director & USA Level Tester
    9. Mark Atkinson & Mike Schatz, Webmasters
    10. Wendy Grzych, Affiliate Club & Insurance Coordinator
      1. One new affiliated club in Michigan, they will be attending NAUCC, Davison Unicycle Club.
    11. Amanda Grzych, Scholarship Committee Chair

E.      Announcements

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. Moab Muni 2018 – March 30- April 1 (link)
    2. LAUCC (Latin American Unicycle Convention and Championship) – April, Ecuador (link)
    3. ‘Ride a unicycle day’ – May 20.
    4. National Unicycle Week – May 20-26
    5. NAUCC 2018- July 9-14, Livonia, Michigan
      1. Changed from 9-14 to 8-14!
    6. Unicon 19 – July 29- Aug 10 2019 Seoul, South Korea (link)

F.      Anything else?

    1. T-shirts for Unicon?
      1. In the process of being worked on, nothing finalized.

G.     Meeting Adjourned