2015 USA Annual Meeting

USA Annual Meeting Agenda – July 26, 2015

A. Call Meeting to Order: 7:30pm CDT

Attending Officers: Kenny Cason, Wendy Grzych, Amanda Grzych, Mike Schatz, Mark Atkinson, Patricia Wilton, Danielle Ross, Richard Tharrett, David Panofsky, Max Schulze, Mitch Wittenburg

B. Affirmation of Officers

  1. President
    1. Amanda Grzych nominated by Mary Wittenburg. Seconded by Claire Lowry.
    2. No further nominations.
    3. Vote passed. Amanda is President.
  2. Vice-President
    1. Patricia Wilton nominated by Wendy Grzych. Seconded by Scott Wilton.
    2. No further nominations.
    3. Vote passed. Patricia is Vice-President.
  3. Secretary
    1. Kenny Cason nominated by Patricia Wilton. Seconded by Scott Wilton.
    2. No further nominations.
    3. Vote passed. Kenny is Secretary.
  4. Treasurer
    1. Mike Schatz nominated by Scott Wilton. Seconded by David Panofsky.
    2. No further nominations.
    3. Vote passed. Mike is Secretary.
  5. Directors
    1. Current Directors are Mark Atkinson, David Panofsky, Mitch Wittenburg (term for Scott Wilton ended).
    2. Steve Walter nominated by Patricia Wilton. Seconded by David Panofsky.
    3. Phil Sanders nominated by Wendy Grzych. Seconded by Heather Neimeyer.
    4. Liz Wilson nominated by Scott Wilton. Seconded by Patricia Wilton.
    5. Mary Wittenburg nominated by Addy Lowry. Seconded by Claire Lowry.
    6. First round vote won by Phil and Steve.
    7. Second round vote won by Steve. Steve is Director.

C. Old Business

  1. Scholarship Fund has been changed up this year.
    1. New systems in place that add accountability and allow anyone to see how each person was judged.
    2. Feedback on new system welcomed.
  2. Junior Officers – Amanda Grzych
    1. Closing date for Junior Officer applications is August 10.
    2. Applicants must be 14-18 years old on January 1, 2015.
  3. Rulebook Committee – Scott Wilton
    1. The USA Rulebook is based off the IUF Rulebook.
    2. Latest IUF Rulebook has lots of small but important changes. Need to be reviewed and approved for USA adoption.
    3. Rulebook Committee will be formed this fall – looking for input from riders of all disciplines.
    4. All ages can participate in the Committee, but must be 18 years old for voting.
  4. USA Funds – Amanda Grzych
    1. Four prime proposals for use of USA funds. These are not ready to be voted on, but looking for feedback.
      1. Certified Coaches
      2. Grants for new clubs to buy unicycles
      3. Donation to the Scholarship Fund
      4. Reduced/waived membership for kids eligible for free or reduced price lunch at school (‘Unicycling for All’)
    2. Committee will be formed to implement approved proposals.
    3. Budget will be based on income – est $1K-2K per annum.
    4. All ideas received good support. Most popular proposals were Certified Coaches and Grants for new clubs to buy unicycles.
  5. Online Membership – Mike Schatz
    1. Online membership launched this year. Still in its early stages. Looking for feedback.
    2. Approx. $2,000 in membership through this system to-date.
    3. Three clubs have designated membership administrators.
    4. Ultimate objective is to link online membership to the NAUCC registration website.
  6. Financial Overview– Mike Schatz
    1. Current balance $19,930 + $1-2K for membership in last few days. Exact numbers can be supplied by Mike.
    2. Note that insurance cost is approx. $7K per year, but was paid twice in this year.
    3. Currently 975 members

D. Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

  1. Amanda Grzych, President
    1. Lots done in past year.
      1. Online membership launched.
      2. USA became tax-deductible nonprofit with 501(c)3 status.
      3. Scholarship Committee work to improve application process and procedure.
      4. Work on USA funds projects.
    2. Reminder about Junior Officer opportunity.
  2. Patricia Wilton, Vice President
    1. Most of this year spent preparing for NAUCC.
    2. Excited by new programs. Wants to continue to promote unicycling with youths.
  3. Kenny Cason, Secretary (in absentia)
    1. Check the USA website for Board meeting minutes.
  4. Mike Schatz, Treasurer
    1. Financials already presented, everything is in order.
  5. Mark Atkinson, Director
    1. Has been working to update the USA website.
    2. Software now in place to help understand website usage.
  6. Scott Wilton, Director
  7. Mitch Wittenberg, Director
  8. David Panofsky, Director
  9. Richard & Rick Tharrett, OOW
    1. Two OOW publications last year
    2. Looking for people to share their unicycling stories
  10. Scott Wilton & Mike Schatz, Webmaster
  11. Wendy Grzych, Affiliate Club Coordinator and Insurance Coordinator
    1. Please forward details of any new clubs
    2. Contact Wendy for insurance certificates
  12. Max Schulze, Trials and Street Adviser/Coordinator and Scholarship Committee Chair
  13. Danielle Ross, Beginner Rider Chairperson
  14. Patricia Wilton, USA Level Tester
    1. One Skype Level Tester meeting held which went well.
    2. Another Skype Level Tester meeting planned for September.
    3. Online membership system will ultimately be used to track levels.

E. New Business

  1. Costume Design Fund.
    1. Proposal by Valerie Rogers to fund an award to honor her parents to be presented at future meets/conventions.
    2. More details to come
  2. Workshop on Thursday 30th July at Track Day – ‘How to Organise a Unicycle Club’
  3. Suggestion to move OOW to Facebook?

F. Announcements

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. NAUCC 2016 –Rapid City, South Dakota. Saturday, July 9 to Friday, July 16 2016
    2. Unicon 2016 – Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain. Wednesday July 27 to Sunday August 7 2016

G. Meeting Adjourned 8:20pm CDT