2017 USA Annual Meeting

USA Annual Meeting – July 19, 2017
North Bend Theater, North Bend, WA
Danielle Millet presiding.

A.      Call Meeting to Order: 6:15pm PDT

B.      Affirmation of Officers

  • President: Mark Atkinson
  • Vice President: Danielle Millett
  • Secretary: open
  • Treasurer: open
  • Director: open
  • Director: Jill Cohen (2 years remaining)
  • Director: Wendy Grzych (2 years remaining)
  • Director: Patricia Wilton (2 years remaining)

C.      Election of Officers

  • President: Mark Atkinson – moved, seconded, confirmed
  • Vice President: Danielle Millett – moved, seconded, confirmed
  • Secretary: Dale Grzych – moved, seconded, confirmed, voted, passed
  • Treasurer: Mary Koehler – moved, seconded, confirmed, voted, passed
  • Director: Aaron Johnson – moved, seconded, confirmed, voted, passed

Thanks to outgoing USA Board members: Kenny Cason (Secretary), Mike Schatz
(Treasurer/Membership), David Panofsky; for their time and support!

D.      Old Business

  • Non-USA Members and Club Outreach
    • Working to increase our base of USA members and affiliated clubs through direct contact and indirect (e.g. Flyers in unicycle.com shipments) – this is an ongoing activity
  • USA Club Outreach
    • Initiative for USA to hold regular get-togethers of USA-affiliated clubs to promote club feedback and interaction
    • Need representatives from each club ideally
  • Facebook/Website/Media
    • On One Wheel retired this year – replaced with more direct contact with USA members via email and indirectly via Facebook and Instagram
    • Ensure your email address is correct in the membership database to receive emails
    • Follow us on Twitter (@uniUSAInc) and Instgram (@uniUSAInc). Tag us on your photos (#unicycleUSA)
    • USA website activity and Facebook following both continue to steadily increase. USA Instagram recently created
    • Club information for distribution via USA social media welcomed!

E.      New Business

  • New USA Levels
    • Patricia Wilton is leading the committee; an email will go out to membership soon
    • Plan is to create new USA levels to cover disciplines other than Freestyle (i.e. Trials, Flatland, etc). Freestyle will eventually be one of the disciplines to be covered separately
    • Initial work will be to define new level structures for each discipline – to be organized similar to the Rulebook Committee
    • Will start with Trials and Flat for now, eventually expanding to other disciplines as
      the process becomes better understood
    • IUF Skill Levels won’t change, for historical and practical reasons
    • Need volunteers with experience in these disciplines to lend support – sign-up
      sheets will be available or contact the USA Board personally or via email
    • Note that expressing interest in these committees does not guarantee
    • USA Freestyle Level Tester meeting
    • Plan to hold certification meeting in early fall via Skype
  • Unicon 20
    • The IUF is accepting applications to host Unicon 20 in 2020. Proposals are requested by
      the end of 2017
    • Talk to Scott Wilton with any Unicon related questions

F.      Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

  • President, Mark Atkinson
    • Reflecting on my first term as President, I’m pleased that the year has been marked by some by significant achievements.
      In the off-season we sponsored our first Coaching Program visits which were a huge success. Funding has been agreed to continue this initiative in 2018-19 so applications from affliated clubs are welcome. We also held our first annual ‘National Unicycle Week’ (3rd week of May) and ‘Ride a Unicycle Day’ (first day of ‘National Unicycle week’) and b Efforts by the USA to reach new members and clubs are ongoing and there will always be more to do in this area, but we are also starting work to help our existing USA-affiliated clubs interact on a regular basis.
      I’m also very excited to get to work on expanding the appeal of the USA levels to include urban disciplines so we have a progressive learning structure for these riders.
      Thanks to SVUC as our hosts of NUCC 2017, to the USA Board your continued support and to all of the USA members for helping promote and encourage unicycling!
  • Treasurer, Mike Schatz
    • Any ideas please send to Mike Schatz or Mark Atkinson
  • Affiliate Club Coordinator, Wendy Grzych
    • Reminder – only one USA member required to be an official club
    • Contact Wendy if you hear of non-USA clubs to bring into the fold
  • USA Scholarship Report, Amanda Grzych
    • I’d like to thank those that have donated to the scholarship committee this year – your donations are what keep this amazing program going. Our goal is to award those attending post-secondary schooling who have stepped up in the unicycling community as a role model and advocate for the sport. This year, the committee has received three applications, which is a great number!
      I’d like to remind you all that it’s not too early to start thinking about applications for next year as well. Keep in mind that we look for leadership at the national, international, and regional level. If you’re not sure where to start, feel free to ask any time!

G.      Upcoming Events

  • Unicon 19 in Seoul, South Korea from July 29 to August 10th, 2018
    • Registration will open soon
  • NAUCC 2018 in Livonia, Michigan hosted by Redford Township Unicycle Club
    • Dates TBD, probably the week after the 4th of July

H.      Open Discussion

  • Jim Sowers requested a chart showing membership, revenue and expense
  • It was suggested the Board consider reduced membership rates for kids in the
    free/reduced school lunch program
  • It was suggested the Board consider creating a committee to explore changing the name
    of NAUCC

    • Perhaps something more Public Relations friendly (more easily digested by uni
    • Canada and Mexico have their own competitions now, albeit limited
    • Are we really catering to North America

H.      Meeting adjourned at ????pm PDT