2018 USA Annual Meeting

USA Annual Meeting – July 12, 2018
Tipton Academy, Garden City, MI

A.      Call Meeting to Order: 8:??pm EDT

B.      Affirmation of Officers

  • President: Mark Atkinson
  • Vice President: Danielle Millett
  • Secretary: Dale Grzych
  • Treasurer: Mary Koehler
  • Director: Jill Cohen (1 year remaining)
  • Director: Wendy Grzych (stepping down)
  • Director: Arron Johnson (2 years remaning)
  • Director: Patricia Wilton (1 year remaining)

C.      Election of Officers

  • President: Mark Atkinson – moved, seconded, confirmed
  • Vice President: Danielle Millett – moved, seconded, confirmed
  • Secretary: Dale Grzych – moved, seconded, confirmed, voted, passed
  • Treasurer: Mary Koehler – moved, seconded, confirmed, voted, passed
  • Director: Rick Tharrett – moved, seconded, confirmed, voted, passed

Thanks to outgoing USA Board member Wendy Grzych (Director) for her time and support!

D.      2017-2018 Achievements

  • USA now offers free membership for children in a free/reduced school lunch program
  • Coaching Scheme – Two trips made by coaches to USA Affiliated clubs
        1. Dale visited Snoqualmie, Rachel visited Black Hills.
  • Inter-Club Meetings – Regular meetings for USA Affiliated clubs to share information and ideas
        1. Non-affiliated clubs are welcome to interclub meetings.
  • Flatland Levels completed and ready for publication
        1. Expected to be voted in next USA meeting.
        2. Mike Schatz has them posted on the USA website currently.
  • Old USA Newsletters (1974-1982) and On One Wheel (1983-1992) scanned available and on the USA website
        1. Uni mags are PDF files online, can search for keywords.
  • Most Nationals results 1973 to-date available and on the USA website
  • NAUCC 2018!

E.      2018-19 Goals

  • Complete archiving old On One Wheels and Nationals results
  • New Membership site platform being investigated
        1. The site will also have the ability to keep track of everyone’s level progression as well.
  • Rulebook Committee – apart from reviewing the IUF Rulebook, this will include a review of our USA-specific Rulebook and possible renaming of our National Competition
  • NAUCC 2019!

F.      Upcoming Events

  • Unicon 19 in Seoul, South Korea from July 29 to August 10th, 2018
      1. Good Luck everyone!!
  • Possible opportunity for the USA to ride in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Discussions with the parade organisers are ongoing.
        1. Meetup of several clubs to participate together.
  • NAUCC 2019 in Greeley, Colorado hosted by Jay Shaeffer
      1. Dates TBD, probably the week after the 4th of July

G.      Meeting adjourned at 8:??pm EDT