2019 USA Annual Meeting

USA Annual Board Meeting Minutes – July 11, 2019
Northside Aztlan Community Center, Fort Collins, CO

A.     Call to Order – 6:11pm MDT

B.     Affirmation of Officers

  • President – Open
  • Vice President – Open
  • Secretary – Dale Grzych
  • Treasurer – Open
  • Director – Open
  • Director – Rick Tharrett
  • Director – Open
  • Director – Open
  • Director – Open

C.     Election of New Officers

  1. President
    1. Dave Crack nominated
      1. Dave Crack President
  2. Vice President
    1. Jill Cohen nominated
    2. Noli Ergas nominated but declined
      1. Jill Cohen Vice President
  3. Treasurer
    1. Dani Chevalier nominated
      1. Dani Chevalier Treasurer
  4. Directors
    1. Shannon Sparks, Richard Tharrett, Phil Sanders, Nancy Kinsella, Connie Cotter, Noli Ergas nominated
      1. Shannon Sparks, Richard Tharrett, Phil Sanders, Nancy Kinsella, Connie Cotter, Noli Ergas Directors
      2. Nancy will be filling Aaron’s remaining year as director.
      3. Two new director positions created

D. Financial Overview of 2018-2019

  1. Balance as of June 30, 2018 – $22,059.70
  2. Balance current – $19,570.50
  3. Balance of scholarship – $2,489.20
  4. Total membership roughly around 750

E.     Achievements in the last year

  1. New membership system introduced in January 2019
  2. New USA-affiliated clubs
    1. Douglas City Unicyclists, California
    2. The Unicycle Club at Ohio State University
  3. New Flatland Levels
  4. Inter-Club Meetings
    1. Regular meetings for USA affiliated clubs to share information and ideas continue
  5. IUF Rulebook Committee concluded
  6. Updated IUF Rulebook (will be published soon)
  7. NAUCC 2019
    1. HUGE THANKS to Kristen Goldstein and Dylan Canfield for organizing!

F.     2019-2020 Goals

  1. Rulebook committee
    1. Revise bylaws in regards to USA Directors
    2. With the IUF Rulebook committee recently concluded, this will include a review of our USA-specific Rulebook and possible renaming of our National Competition
  2. NAUCC 2020
    1. Bids for next NAUCC open in December 2019

G.     Upcoming Events

  1. Unicon 20 in Grenoble, France  July 22nd – August 2nd
  2. NAUCC 2020 in Madison, Wisconsin hosted by Mad Uni  June 27th – July 3rd!

H.     Questions for the board from USA members

  1. How can we go about spreading awareness for future NAUCC’s?
  2. In the future can acommodations be provided for those less fortunate who are unable to attend NAUCC?
  3. Can surveys be sent to USA members to better understand the wants and needs of members?
  4. How can we decrease the workload on Connie and Robin during NAUCC?
  5. How can we make USA membership more attractive?
  6. Can the USA promote more muni events and other non-club activities?

I.      Meeting adjourned at 7:??pm MDT