21 February 2016

USA Board Meeting Agenda – February 21, 2016

A.     Call Meeting to Order (by Patricia) 6:27pm CST. (Issues with the conference call,  Finally went to Skype.)

Attending: Mike Schatz, Mark Atkinson, Patricia Wilton, Kenny Cason

B.     Old Business

  1. USA Funds – Certified Coaches and Grants to new Clubs
    1. Updates on interest: Patricia is prepared to continue until someone else steps up.
    2. Goals for 2016?
  2. Rider Locator: Still just an informational map. Security issues with connecting people. Looking for options (Facebook model, Craigslist model, etc). Do they opt-in? Messaging system within the USA membership (and clubs)? Will play with some ideas.
  3. Urban Update – sectioning NAUCC by discipline
    1. How much control should the board have for nationals? Is it out of scope? What is the penalty if the organizers do not enforce the current rules? Example: at last Unicon the street riders did not wear gloves.
    2. Since the USA name is on the event, the board should have final say.
    3. If you sign up for an event, you are saying you know the rules and will follow them. Enforcement bolsters the integrity of USA as the owner of the rulebook and the event.
    4. The board should get regular updates from the NAUCC liaison, at each board meeting at a minimum.
    5. Patricia will send an email to the membership polling them about possible NAUCC 17 hosting clubs. Now is the time to get your proposals in!
  4. Rulebook Update:
    1. USA adopts the IUF rulebook, accompanied by amendments, which are specific to USA. A draft is ready.
    2. Patricia moves to publish, Mark seconds. The motion passes.
    3. Need a better process to get USA members involved/informed in the IUF rulebook.
  5. 2016 open Board positions
    1. What areas are we missing that we think need representation?
    2. Three positions are coming open and need filled.
    3. Think about names to put in the hat.

C.   Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

  1. Amanda Grzych, President
  2. Patricia Wilton, Vice President
  3. Kenny Cason, Secretary
    1. Successfully made the transition to San Antonio, TX. Met with Scott Wallis who is alive and well. He is showing me the local trails.
    2. There is an unaffiliated club in the SA area that should be contacted. The person in charge is Jimmy Agnew: (http://www.onewheelmanychildren.com/)
  4. Mike Schatz, Treasurer
    1. Financials still look good. USA has about $23k, the scholarship has about $3k.
  5. Mark Atkinson, Director
    1. Building some new web pages to ease upkeep.
    2. Google Analytics: in the last month, about 500 hits. Mostly events, unis, etc. Not much interest in the business side. Seems to be newbies looking for information.
    3. Some good ideas about supporting these users in a more modern manner.
    4. The USA Facebook page seems better for posting pictures and such, the web site can get stale pretty quickly.
    5. www.naucc.com will likely be the “official” web site for each nationals. A link will be added on our web site under Events.
    6. Old NAUCC web sites will be deprecated, with event results saved.
    7. Scholarship: need to get a deadline for this year’s scholarship.
    8. Junior Officers: need a deadline and any updates.
  6. Mitch Wittenberg, Director
  7. David Panofsky, Director
  8. Steve Walter, Director
  9. Grace Luccio, Jr. Director (shadow president)
  10. Nick Braun, Jr. Director (social media & advertising)
  11. Walker Orner, Jr. Director (urban riders)
  12. Rachel Sindelar, Jr. Director (social media & advertising)
  13. Owen Farmer, Jr. Director (social media)
  14. Shelley Kovacic, Jr. Director (advertising & design)
  15. Richard & Rick Tharrett, OOW
  16. Scott Wilton & Mike Schatz, Webmaster
  17. Wendy Grzych, Affiliate Club Coordinator
  18. Wendy Grzych, Insurance Coordinator
  19. Max Schulze, Trials and Street Adviser/Coordinator and Scholarship Committee Chair
  20. Danielle Ross, Beginner Rider Chairperson
  21. Patricia Wilton, USA Level Tester

D.   New Business

    1. Need a list of USA record holders and the associated data.
      (http://archive.uniusa.org) Wow, that’s a blast from the past! Mark will send Patricia a link to the old records. Andy Cotter seems to have worked on it but that was back in 1998. Good grief, are we that old!
    2.  Bylaws:
      1. The content of the waiver should absolve USA from liability, not just the event holder. Is this worth an amendment to the bylaws? If not, where else should it be stated?
      2. Perhaps a standard USA form that can be used every year, with the option to add additional content per host requirements.
      3. Should this go in the registration packet, and signed before you get your wristband?
      4. Can we do it electronically from the web site?
        1. Mark moves to include a mandated waiver to the USA rulebook, to absolve the USA board and its membership from liability during USA-sanctioned events. Mike seconds. The motion passed.
        2. Mark will come up with wording for the rulebook.
    3. Free and Reduced Lunch children qualify for free or reduced USA membership?: Patricia would like to bring this up again for further discussion.
      1. Would this be a new membership category?
      2. Is it free or reduced? If reduced, by how much?
      3. How do we decide who qualifies? Maybe take a look at the Girl Scouts.
      4. Mike will look at options and report back before making a proposal. Perhaps get club treasurer feedback on the amount of work to implement.
    4. No child sized T-shirts for NAUCC 2016?
      1. Kids are expected to fit into an adult small?
      2. Seems like this is not serving the children well, especially if it is the same cost.
      3. We want to encourage as many kids as possible.
      4. The NAUCC liaison needs to get involved and get us a status.

E.      Announcements

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. Unicon 2016
    2. NAUCC 2016
  2. Anything else?

G.     Meeting Adjourned: 7:23pm CST