24 June 2018

USA Board Meeting Agenda– June 24th, 2018

A.     Call Meeting to Order 10:05 EDT

In attendance: Mary Koehler, Patricia Wilton, Mark Atkinson, Aaron Johnson, Danielle Millett, Jill Cohen, Mike Schatz, Amanda Grzych

B.      Old Business

  1. NAUCC 2018
    1. Status report and discussion. Help needed? Amanda
      1. All venues secured apart from track, but have two track options so high confidence.
      2. Request to confirm who is bringing USA equipment. Aaron bringing some stuff, other equipment with TCUC. MadUni has hockey nets. Amanda to email to Mike requesting what she needs brought to Livonia.
      3. Speed trials added to the schedule late. Will be Monday morning.
      4. There will be a projector at the freestyle judging workshop.
      5. Source of sound system for gym and cones for criterium still TBD.
      6. Credit cards will be accepted at Registration.
      7. USA Board needs to approve NAUCC waiver. Amanda to forward.
      8. Question re Monday schedule overlap awards vs club practice. Amanda to check.
      9. When is open practice? Amanda to confirm.
      10. Amanda will not be competing.
      11. USA Board requests Amanda inventory USA equipment and record storage location at end of NAUCC. Vote for Jill to spend $50 on labels to identify USA equipment approved.
      12. Vote to approve $300 for Registration and Volunteer banners approved. Rick Tharrett to procure prior to NAUCC start.
    2.  Scholarship
      1. Applications received. Status of plans to form Scholarship committee? When and where will it meet? Amanda
        1. Six applications received. Scholarship fund balance approx. $3000. Proceeds of the NAUCC raffle will go to the fund and TCUC will match first $500.
        2. Dave Lollar has agreed to be on committee. No reply from Dave Moscoe or Nancy Kinsella. Mark to send phone numbers for Amanda to follow-up.
        3. Copies of applications will be sent out to all committee members prior to the Scholarship committee meeting for their review and ratings.
        4. Date and time of Scholarship committee meeting TBD. Amanda can step out of work at lunchtime if needed.
        5. Amanda stepping down as Scholarship chair. Suggestions for likely candidates for this vacant position discussed. Perhaps a previous-years Scholarship beneficiary?
    3. Proposal to investigate renaming NAUCC
      1. Will be included with next Rulebook Committee (2019) Info
    4. USA Programs
      1. Coaching Program. Need proposal for next year’s budget. Patricia
        1. Agreed to $1,500 as budget placeholder. Will be formally voted and approved in next fiscal year.
    5. Membership Initiative
      1. Non-USA club outreach
        1. Request to add all/any clubs here All
        2. USA promotion via other unicycle distributors? Jill
        3. Vote to put UDC logo on website as a USA supporter approved.
      2. USA club outreach
        1. USA hosted inter-club meetings.
          1. Report from May 20th meeting? Danielle
            1. Four clubs (Davidson, RTUC, Berkeley and Butler Wobble) represented at meeting. Good exchange of info and was helpful.
          2. Any help required for next meeting (9th July @ 3pm) at NAUCC? Danielle
            1. Danielle to ask Wendy to email her club contacts prior to the meeting to advertise this opportunity and promote attendance.
    6. Facebook/Website/Media
      1. Currently scanning old Newsletters and OWW’s (1971 to 2009) to archive and make available to all on USA website. Info
        1. NAUCC results for most years now linked on ‘Past NAUCC’s’ page
    7. New USA Levels
      1. Proposed new flatland levels are here. Ready to announce at NAUCC? Formal vote to adopt levels needed. Dale
        1. Dale not present so formal vote to approve deferred. Will be revealed as ‘in the works’ at Annual Meeting.
        2. When is flatland judging workshop at NAUCC?
        3. Suggestion to poll competitors during trials event to get their opinions on levels.
    8. Unicon t-shirts
      1. Order placed. T-shirts will be ready in time for NAUCC collection. Info
    9. Freestyle Levels
      1. IUF certification/re-certification requirements. Need to either align with IUF or make USA-specific. Will be included with next Rulebook Committee (2019) Info
      2. Updating Freestyle Level Cert cards Patricia/ Wendy
    10. Open positions for 2019 USA Board
      1. Wendy to step down as Director in July – nominations for a replacement? All
        1. Various possible candidates discussed. Bring nominations to USA Annual Meeting.

C.      New Business and 90-day look ahead (USA annual calendar of events)

  1. USA Annual Meeting July 12th @ 8pm
    1. Need membership and finance details for presentation Mary/Mike
      1. Current financials and membership numbers for presentation received.
    2. Proposal to migrate membership site to outsourced third-party software Mike
      1. Mike has explored several vendors but Wild Apricot is the preferred choice right now.
      2. Vote to fund Mike for two months to continue validation with Wild Apricot or other vendors approved.

D.      Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

    1. Mark Atkinson, President
    2. Danielle Millett, Vice President
    3. Dale Grzych, Secretary
    4. Mary Koehler, Treasurer
    5. Jill Cohan, Director
    6. Wendy Grzych, Director
    7. Aaron Johnson, Director
    8. Patricia Wilton, Director & USA Level Tester
    9. Mark Atkinson & Mike Schatz, Webmasters
    10. Wendy Grzych, Affiliate Club & Insurance Coordinator
    11. Amanda Grzych, Scholarship Committee Chair

E.      Announcements

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. NAUCC 2018- July 8-14, Livonia, Michigan
    2. Unicon 19 – July 29- Aug 10 2019 Seoul, South Korea (link)
    3. LAUCC (Latin American Unicycle Convention and Championship) – 2019 Costa Rica (link)

F.      Anything else?

G.     Meeting Adjourned 11:15 EDT