24 March 2019

USA Board Meeting Agenda– March 24, 2019

A.     Call Meeting to Order 9:59am EDT

Present: Mark Atkinson, Jill Cohen, Mike Schatz, Richard Tharrett, Dylan Canfield, Dale Grzych, Mary Koehler, Aaron Johnson

B.      Old Business

  1. NAUCC 2019
    1. Current status? Any help needed?
      1. 135 competitors registered and 31 non competitors as of right now.
      2. Most venues are secured, and the only events still not locked in right now is the road events.
      3. Matt Dewitt is planning on driving to Colorado with the equipment and Madison would like to take the equipment back with them for 2020.
        1. Dylan will be contacting Matt to figure out what equipment he will have available.
  2. New Membership site
      1. Any issues with transition to Wild Apricot? Mike
        1. No issues! Many new members!
        2. So far TCUC is the only club using the website as their primary membership system.
          1. Very helpful for membership fees, email lists, and plenty of other benefits.
        3. Possibility to offer automatic renewals?
          1. This is something we could likely offer with the system, but we have not done that in the past. Mike is going to dive into this a bit and get back to us.
        4. USA member map from Wild Apricot database
          1. Once again Mike is going to take a look into this more in the coming month and get back to us.
  3. Proposal to investigate renaming NAUCC
    1. Will be included with next Rulebook Committee (now deferred to 2020) Info
  4. USA Programs
    1. Any coaching trips planned? Patricia
  5. Membership Initiative
    1. Non-USA club outreach
      1. Request to add all/any clubs here
    2. USA club outreach
      1. Feedback from last USA hosted inter-club meeting? Danielle
        1. Meeting went well, 10 people from 8 different clubs, largest meeting yet!
        2. There were questions about a unicycling event calander to make it easier to know of upcoming events.
          1. There have been attempts to organize this in the past but it seems to have dropped off.
          2. It’s a possibility to use the new wild apricot system, but there is a large workload on Mike.
        3. Lots of talk on finding and funding gym space as well as keeping members around and engaged.
        4. NAUCC is likely to be the next meeting.
  6. New USA Levels
      1. What else is needed (certificates, badges/stickers, videos?) before this is rolled out? Dale
        1. Slight setback, hard drive data was lost of video.
        2. Sticker designs are in, certificates will likely be similar to freestyle levels.
        3. Dale will work on tester cards.
        4. Only levels 1-5 will be on video to start.
      2. Formal vote to adopt levels needed. Dale
  7. Freestyle Levels
    1. IUF certification/re-certification requirements. Need to either align with IUF or make USA-specific. Will be included with next Rulebook Committee (now deferred to 2020) Info
    2. Freestyle Level Cert cards now updated. Can they be made available to the clubs through Wild Apricot? Mike
      1. Mike will be looking into this and will get back to us at the next meeting.
    3. Freestyle Level Tester Meeting (in Spring?) Patricia
  8.  Scholarship
    1. Scholarship Chairperson required for 2019
      1. Attempts to get a chairperson have been unsuccessful. The chairperson’s job would be to form a committee together to determine who would win the scholarship. They would need to contact the treasurer and get funds as well as accept donations.
      2. Possibly give this responsibility to a board member? It could help streamline communication.
        1. Could make fundraising somewhat difficult.
      3. There haven’t been any major attempts to get sponsorships from and major corporations. Is this something we could look into for the future?
      4. Add in an option to donate to the scholarship fund via the wild apricot site?
      5. Jill is willing to be the chairperson for this year, it will be passed along next year.
      6. A lot of talk about the USA potentially starting to donate to the fund. As we’re already operating in the red, it’s not likely to happen now but is something we could look into going forward.
      7. Mary as treasurer is unable to be on the committee to help select the scholarship winner as Greta will be applying this year. Danielle Millet will most likely be standing in.
  9. Track racing cut times. Any progress on developing these? Rick
    1. Still in the works, more news will come next meeting.

C.      New Business and 90-day look ahead (USA annual calendar of events)

  1. IUF/USA Rulebook Committees (now deferred to 2020)
  2. Investigate alternate vendors (to reduce costs) and possible expansion of member benefits
  3. NAUCC equipment. Is there a better long-term plan to support NAUCC event organisers?
    1. Possibly invest into a pod that could be stores year round and shipped to each NAUCC. Price would be around 350-500 annually.
    2. This is something we can build on going forward as the USA acquires more equipment.
  4. Open Board positions for 2019-2020
    1. Patricia’s, Mark’s, Jill’s, Danielle’s, Patricia’s, and Mary’s positions will be available.
    2. President, Vice President, Treasurer. and 2 director positions.

D.      Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

  1. Mark Atkinson, President
  2. Danielle Millett, Vice President
  3. Dale Grzych, Secretary
  4. Mary Koehler, Treasurer
  5. Jill Cohan, Director
  6. Madison is thinking of potentially hosting for Unicon 2022
  7. Aaron Johnson, Director Happy Birthday Aaron!!
  8. Rick Tharrett, Director
  9. Patricia Wilton, Director & USA Level Tester
  10. Mark Atkinson & Mike Schatz, Webmasters
  11. Wendy Grzych, Affiliate Club & Insurance Coordinator
  12. TBD, Scholarship Committee Chair

E.      Announcements

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. Mad Muni – April 25-28, Madison, Wisconsin
    2. ‘Ride a unicycle day’ – May 19.
    3. National Unicycle Week – May 19-25
    4. NAUCC 2019- July 7-13 , Fort Collins, Colorado

F.      Anything else?

G.     Meeting Adjourned