24 September 2017

USA Board Meeting Agenda– September 24, 2017

A.     Call Meeting to Order 4:05pm EDT

In attendance: Jill Cohan, Patricia Wilton, Danielle Millett, Mary Koehler, Mark Atkinson, Wendy Grzych, Dale Grzych

B.      Old Business

  1. NAUCC 2017 wrap–up.
    1. Great job! Any lessons learnt?
      1. Several injuries this year. Have a plan in the event of an emergency in the future. Paramedics on site?
      2. Freestyle took longer due to more participants. Set judge time limit to save time.
  2. USA Programs
    1. Coaching Program. Any coaching trips being planned?
      1. No trips currently planned. Be more flexible with ?
  3. Membership Initiative
      1. Non-USA club outreach
        1. Ended with more clubs!
        2. Request to add all/any clubs here
        3. Postcards. How are UDC for stock? Time for a new design?
          1. Need more, UDC wants them smaller, new design. Approximately 1 month needed.
        4. National Unicycle Week and ‘Ride a unicycle day’. Application to Chase’s Calendar of Events for 2018 officially accepted. What can we do better next year?
          1. Skipped, will return to this topic in the future.
      2. USA club outreach
          1. USA hosted inter-club meetings. Feedback from initial meeting at NAUCC 2017? Is there support from clubs for ongoing meetings?
            1. Reverse coaching program suggestion.
            2. Club membership for USA?
            3. Pushing for more shared info between clubs.
          2. Several USA-affiliated clubs with no current USA members. Gym Dandies, Sebring and Supercyclers – are these going to be removed as affiliated clubs?
            1. Skipped, will return to this in the future.
  4. Facebook/Website/Media
    1. Facebook following growing steadily.
    2. Instagram account set up just before NAUCC. Activity has slowed.
    3. @uniUSAInc is a Twitter account set up in 2014. Anyone know who has the login details
      1. Ask Amanda for info.
    4. Direct email using MailChimp working, but need to clean/validate our email database in order to successfully reach our members
  5. New USA Levels
    1. USA freestyle levels not changing.
    2. Introduce new trials and flatland levels.
      1. Response for review committee participants at Annual Meeting?
      2. Agree rough timeline for having new levels drafted
        1. Putting off until interest is shown.
  6. Unicon 20 – IUF looking for applications to host. Proposals requested by end 2017.
    1. Germany is a possibility.

C.      New Business and 90-day look ahead (USA annual calendar of events)

  1. Discussion points raised by members at Annual Meeting
    1. Request for chart showing membership, revenue and expense
      1. Already exists.
    2. Reduced membership rates for kids in the free/reduced school lunch program
      1. Possible? Free? Ask Mike then vote at next meeting.
    3. Proposal to investigate renaming NAUCC – possibly combine with next Rulebook Committee?
      1. New name by 2019?
      2. Mark will bring suggestions to the board.
    4. NAUCC 2018
      1. Status report and discussion. Help needed?
        1. RTUC needs to appoint a liaison
    5. Freestyle Level Tester Meeting
        1. Can we get a certification meeting via Skype in the calendar between now and Christmas?
          1. October 8th. Emails will be sent out soon.
        2. Level Testing for Independent members
          1. Feasibility of allowing video submission for Level Testing?
          2. Possible if livestreamed? Added responsibility for coaches in the coaching program?
    6. Donated unicycles
        1. Five unis (various models/wheel sizes) donated by Lee Gerstle (Independent – Louisville, KY) shortly before his death. Lee’s intent was to donate them to a club. Need to agree how to fairly dispose of these assets.
        2. President will attempt to sell unicycles locally, then donate the rest. Proceeds will be used to buy new 20” unicycles for clubs starting out.

D.      Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

  1. Mark Atkinson, President
  2. Danielle Millett, Vice President
  3. Dale Grzych, Secretary
  4. Mary Koehler, Treasurer
  5. Jill Cohan, Director
    1. NAUCC questions. Hotels, travel time, food. Need specifics from organizers.
  6. Wendy Grzych, Director
  7. Aaron Johnson, Director
  8. Patricia Wilton, Director & USA Level Tester
  9. Mark Atkinson & Mike Schatz, Webmasters
  10. Wendy Grzych, Affiliate Club & Insurance Coordinator
  11. Amanda Grzych, Scholarship Committee Chair

E.      Announcements

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. STOMP Munifest – October 6-8 (link)
    2. Moab Muni 2018 – March 30- April 1 (link)
    3. LAUCC (Latin American Unicycle Convention and Championship) – April, Ecuador (link)
    4. ‘Ride a unicycle day’ – May 20.
    5. National Unicycle Week – May 20-26
    6. NAUCC 2018- July 9-14, Livonia, Michigan
    7. Unicon 19 – July 29- Aug 10 2019 Seoul, South Korea (link)

F.      Anything else?

  1. Host for NAUCC 2019 bids in by January.
  2. Mention in USA club outreach meeting.

G.     Meeting Adjourned 5:16pm EDT