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28 June 2015

USA Board Meeting Agenda – June 28, 2015

A.    Call Meeting to Order: 6:03pm EST

Attending: Kenny Cason, Wendy Grzych, Amanda Grzych, Mike Schatz, Mark Atkinson, Patricia Wilton, Danielle Ross, Richard Tharrett, David Panofsky, Max Schulze, Mitch Wittenburg

B.    Old Business

  1. Online Membership/Testing/Launch – Mike
    1.   The 60-day grace period (some questions from members, but an explanation  was successful)
    2. Still insured during grace period? Checking with Wendy.
    3. 27 members have used the site ($700 in memberships)
    4.   Are membership numbers going up, or just a delay in registration? Will look into it.
  2. Website Updating – Mark
    1. Will ask Scott about whether Google analytics has been implemented.
  3. OOW – Richard/Rick
    1. Amanda will send the latest issue out (from Richard) for proof reading.
  4. Scholarship Committee Business – Max
    1. Member selection committee (June selection)
      1. Amanda Grzych
      2. Mike Schatz
      3. Max Schulze
      4. Liz Wilson
      5. Dave Krack
      6. Jamie Mossengren
      7. Bill Gilbertson
      8. James Sowers
    2. 4 scholarship applicants this year
    3. Accepting late apps?
      1. Waiting on one letter of recommendation
  5. e.      USA Funds – Mitch
    2. Proposals
      1. See end of this document
      2. Should be consistent with the goals of USA, promoting unicycling. Reaching out to non-USA clubs may bring them into the fold, which provides more resources to implement these kinds of proposals.
      3. Implementation details need to be worked out, and which proposals to fund.
      4. Patricia: can we put USA funds into an endowment fund whose interest will help support the Scholarship? Can we get that money out when needed? Research to be done (Amanda/Wendy).
      5. Amanda will create a doc to better flesh out details of some of the proposals for presentation at nationals.
  6. 2015-2016 Board Members
    1. Should we split treasurer and membership (or use co-treasurers)?
      1. The process has gotten much easier, will stay the same for now.
    2. Membership can be an appointed position.
    3. Will have 1 director opening (Scott W.)
    4. Any appointed positions?

C.    Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

  1. Amanda Grzych, President
  2. Patricia Wilton, Vice President
  3. Kenny Cason, Secretary
  4. Mike Schatz, Treasurer
    1. Financials presented, everything is in order
    2. Insurance was paid twice in this year for multiple years, which makes the numbers look like we are in the red. But that is not really the case.
      1. Can we move our fiscal year so the insurance is from year to year, instead of mid-year to mid-year?
      2. This causes issues with insurance certificates expiring in the middle of summer events, like NAUCC.
      3. More research to be done.
  5. Mark Atkinson, Director
    1. The web site is up to date with meeting minutes.
    2. Missing a copy of last year’s annual meeting minutes, Joe has been contacted since he was Secretary.
  6. Scott Wilton, Director
  7. Mitch Wittenberg, Director
  8. David Panofsky, Director
  9. Richard & Rick Tharrett, OOW
  10. Scott Wilton & Mike Schatz, Webmaster
  11. Wendy Grzych, Affiliate Club Coordinator
  12. Wendy Grzych, Insurance Coordinator
  13.  Max Schulze, Trials and Street Adviser/Coordinator and Scholarship Committee Chair
  14. Danielle Ross, Beginner Rider Chairperson
  15. Patricia Wilton, USA Level Tester
    1. No Level Testing training this year at nationals
    2. Let Patricia know anyone who would like to have a Skype session

D.    New Business

  1. Annual Meeting
    1. Decide on points to discuss for your report
      1. We did a lot this year, so let’s inform the membership!
    2. Meeting tentatively schedule for 8:30pm
    3. Will have a projector, yay!
    4. Present a summary of upcoming rules changes?


E.    Announcements

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. NAUCC 2015
      1. Plans are going well, in spite of the current rain.
    2. NAUCC 2016 – in Rapid City, South Dakota
      1. Need tentative dates ASAP
      2. If over July 4th it allows families to use that vacation time, but not everyone likes this.
      3. Not everyone has vacation time.
      4. Traveling on the 4th is generally disagreeable.
    3.  Unicon 2016
    4. Anything else?

G.    Meeting Adjourned

Suggestions for possible uses for some of the extra funds

  • Provide training and small stipend to a “USA unicycle coach” to develop and launch in-school club or PE unicycle program
    • How would we determine a “good” from a “bad” coach? We want our money to be put to good use.
  • Fully fund the scholarship program
  • Advertising
  • What do we need to advertise for? What would this hope to achieve?
  • USA Gear (apparel, drawstring bags, water bottles, etc.) (mike – this is a lot of work and mgmt)
  • Sponsor Riders
  • Competitions for prizes that promote the USA (for ex: send in a video to win free NAUCC reg., or Tweet about the USA to be entered to win free membership for one year, etc.)
  • Coupons: ex: bring back a member (expired for more than one year) and receive a voucher for 5.00 at UDC or NAUCC
  • use postcard ads to the old members encouraging them to renew?
  • ex: new members get coupons for buying a new unicycle (5% off)
  • Provide money for grants for unicycles for up and coming clubs or youth programs.
  • When starting a new program the only cost is unicycles. Many groups don’t have money up front to buy unicycles. The USA could accept applications for groups starting new programs and provide them with 10 unicycles to get their program started.
  • MadUni has been doing this for the local afterschool programs. There has been huge success with this and approximately 30 new riders per program per year.
  • Provide money and “certified coaches” for workshops during the year (Kenny)
  • Alan Tepper suggested this to me. He mentioned how incredibly helpful it was when Connie and others came out to Washington and taught his team how to create and perform world-class freestyle routines. This coaching really brought the team up several notches, eventually resulting in two National Championships. He is willing to talk to USA about the experience if they we want more input.
  • These workshops could be for any disciplines, not necessarily just freestyle.


2 November 2014

USA Board Meeting Agenda –November 2, 2014


  1. A. Call Meeting to Order

Called to order at 6:01pm EST by Amanda.


  1. B. Old Business
    1. a. Online Membership – Mike/Scott
      1. i. Mike: testing online systems. CivicCRM – system Scott tested in past – would require a different platform and require too much outside coding.
      2. ii. Three for-pay systems tested, all had deficiencies, steep learning curve, difficult to manage family memberships.
      3. iii. Decided to build our own, payment will be via credit card fees. Cohosted on our system but separate application. Estimated beta testing by December 2014.
      4. iv. A budget of $400 is requested, just in case.
      5. v. Mark moved to approve, David seconded.
      6. vi. Voted on and unanimously approved.


    1. b. Gilby’s Old T’s – Mitch
      1. i. No report
    2. c. Club updating – Wendy
      1. i. Contacting each club for input and needs.
    3. d. Website Updating – Mark & David
      1. i. Went through what is there, what works and what doesn’t. Deficiencies will be handed to Scott to fix as a baseline.
      2. ii. From the baseline, add new features (videos and such) and bring the style up to date.
      3. iii. Need to log what is being changed/added. Will add notes to the current web site audit to get all features to “green”.
      4. iv. Conversation with Scott needed to allow more people capabilities to edit pages, take over some of the workload.
      5. v. Need documented process added to the web site for petitioning to host NAUCC (bid), plus requirements for each event and venue. Checklists are encouraged.
    4. e. Issues raised at NAUCC – Wendy requested to postpone this discussion
      1. i. Growing the USA/Clubs
      2. ii. Possible allocations of funds/unicycles (revisiting)


      1. C. Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports
    1. a. Amanda Grzych, President
    2. b. Patricia Wilton, V-P
    3. c. Kenny Cason, Secretary
    4. d. Mike Schatz, Treasurer
      1. i. Financial statement presented
      2. ii. Split membership and treasurer? Forms and checks are collected, then sent on to the treasurer. Will be less of an issue once the online system is in place.
    5. e. Mark Atkinson, Director
    6. f. Scott Wilton, Director

IUF is starting the rulebook committee in just a few days, and I am in charge. This is the rulebook that the USA’s is now based on. If anyone is interested in being on the committee for any discipline, they need to email me ASAP. The deadline is technically past but we are being flexible.

    1. g. Mitch Wittenberg, Director
    2. h. David Panofsky, Director
    3. i. Richard & Rick Tharrett, OOW
      1. i. Which application to use: Word, Publisher, etc. Will resolve offline.
    4. j. Scott Wilton, Webmaster
    5. k. Carol Bricker, Affiliate Club Coordinators
      1. i. This is now Wendy, need to fix next agenda.
    6. l. Wendy Grzych, Insurance Coordinator
      1. i. Using fiscal year, seems to be working well.
    7. m. Max Schulze, Trials and Street Adviser/Coordinator
      1. i. Where is Max? Trouble making contact.
    8. n. Danielle Ross, Beginner Rider Chairperson
    9. o. Patricia Wilton, USA Level Tester
      1. i. When is the next Level Testing class on Skype?
        Some members are requesting a session soon.
      2. ii. Patricia (post-meeting): I’ll think about when a good time would be, set a date, and publicize it. I agree that it’s helpful to know in advance. I’m guessing it will be sometime in January or February when I’m back in the US and time zones are easier to handle.


      1. D. New Business
    1. a. 501 (c)(3) letter/website
      1. i. Need the board to read the requirements.
      2. ii. Do we need an attorney and/or a tax pro to explain the details?
      3. iii. What do we tell the public: Be general but accurate, let everyone handle their own tax situations. Run this by Ann for her feedback – David will handle this.
      4. iv. Why did USA apply for 501c(3)? What does it mean to the organization, what does it mean for members? Need this documented for public release.
    2. b. Scholarship appeal letter (sending it out)
      1. i. Amanda sent a letter to the board for feedback, received no responses. She will send it again, please respond.
      2. ii. The board feels having the 501c(3) designation in the footer is ok.
    3. c. USA Letterhead
      1. i. It’s great! Should be included on correspondence with clubs.
    4. d. Comcast Email Issues
      1. i. Emails to some Comcast email addresses never arrive.
      2. ii. If having issues with Comcast dropping emails please call Comcast.
      3. iii. Difficult to contact these people to resolve the issue since their emails are getting dropped. May have to send snail mail.


      1. E. Announcements
    1. a. Upcoming Events
      1. i. NAUCC 2015
        1. 1. Inventory Manager Position
          1. a. Did Patricia say her family would do this?
      2. ii. Unicon 2016
    2. b. Anything else?
      1. i. RTUC 40th Anniversary Party next year! June 2015. Details are forthcoming. Stand by to be wheely amazed!
      2. ii. IUF is researching new skill levels. What is the USA position since the USA rulebook is based on the IUF rulebook?
      3. F. Meeting Adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 7:03pm



2 February 2014

USA Board Meeting Agenda – February 2nd, 2014


I.               Call Meeting to Order

In attendance:  Patricia Wilton, Amanda Grzych, Scott Wilton, Shelly Stobierski, Wendy Grzych, Danielle Ross, Mitch Wittenberg


1.    Old Business

  1. Rulebook Committee – Scott
    1. Rules have been updated to match IUF 2013 rulebook.
    2. Still needs to be approved by the board.
    3. Wendy disagrees about Standard Skills being required.
    4. Patricia makes a motion to accept rulebook as is.
      1. Second by Amanda. Nobody opposed.
      2. Motion is passed
  2. NAUCC 2014—Patricia
    1. Website is up. Registration is going to be online soon.
    2. Organization is moving along smoothly.
    3. We still need a dependable Track director, but are optimistic.
  3. Online Membership/Annual USA Membership
    1. Hans hasn’t been able to do that yet, it’s still in progress.
  1. Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports
    1. Amanda Grzych, President
    2. Patricia Wilton, V-P
      1. Tim Lee needs to order some level 7 patches.
        1. Motion and 2nd to let Tim order what’s needed.
        2. Motion passed.
    3. Current operation procedure to choose host at prior Naucc.
      1. Unsure if by-law amendment is needed for this.
      2. Discussion about this, and if it’s included or not.
    4. Motion by Scott, 2nd Patricia to re-ratify our existing by-laws.
      1. Primarily so we can update the date, so it’s documented that we are going to continue following these by-laws.
  2. Joe Lind, Secretary
    1. Gilby has old expert T-s he would like to donate to the USA as long as they can be made available to the people that qualified for them.
    2. Mitch Wittenberg is going to be heading up this project.
  3. Hans Mills, Treasurer
    1. Not present.
  4. Rick, Director
    1. Not present
  5. Scott Wilton, Director
    1. Scott makes a motion to approve MadUni as the 2015 Naucc hosts.
      1. Discussion about if we CAN approve that.
        1. No rules currently in place that require a vote at Naucc.
      2. Patricia 2nd the motion, after it was determined we can. All agreed.
  6. Mitch Wittenberg, Director
    1. No new business.
  7. James Sui, Director
    1. Not present.
  8. Shelly Strobierski, OOW
    1. Latest magazine just went out. Discussion about when the next issues should be aimed for given that the current schedule has slipped a bit.
  9. Scott Wilton, Webmasters
    1. Scott will update the OOW Editorial calendar for the current schedule.
  10. Carol Bricker, Affiliate Club Coordinators
    1. Not present.
  11. Wendy Grzych, Insurance Coordinator
    1. No further comments at this time. (right.)
  12. Max Schultz, Trials and Street Adviser/Coordinator
    1. Not present.
  13. Danielle Ross, Beginner Rider Chairperson
    1. Has some questions about what she can/should be doing for the benefit of the USA. She is going to work out what she would like to do.
      1. Danielle is going to get a list of beginner resources for the website.


2.    New Business

  1. There are a couple board members that have not shown up for meeting in the last entire year. Discussion about the procedures around getting someone replaced if they are no longer interested in participating.
  2. Patricia is interested in getting some newer smaller more portable starting posts.

1. Patricia is going to look into these.
C.  USA Video contest?  -Amanda says she was sick over break but is going to get back to this in the near future again.

D.  There was discussion about the necessity for a operating procedures document.

1. Patricia is going to organize this effort.

2. It will be kept in the same locations as by-laws, but is just standard procedures.

3.    Announcements

A.  Anything else?


4.    Meeting Adjourned    6:13pm CST.

24 November 2013

I.               Call Meeting to Order

Attendance: Hans Mills, Patricia Wilton, Scott Wilton, Max Schulze, Shelly Stobierski, Wendy Grzych, Amanda Grzych

II.       Old Business

  1. Rulebook Committee – Scott
    1. Massive updates are being addressed.
      1. Won’t really be ready to vote/accept things til January
      2. Will have a rough outline of changes for OOW.
  2. UNICON 2014/USA Qualifications—Scott
    1. No flat, street, trials or muni limitations.
    2. Artistic limitations, we really won’t hit the limits.
      1. Scott is going to prepare an email for Hans to send out. Letting USA members know they should register.
    3. Track limitations: 10 per country, or time limit TBD.
  3. NAUCC 2014—Patricia
    1. Basic schedule and outline shared with board members.
    2. It’s ready to be shared with clubs, but isn’t published yet.
    3. Website is still in progress.
    4. Registration is expected to open in the nearish future.
  4. Online Membership
    1. Discussion of yearly versus annual membership
      1. Good for calendar year vs 12 months.
    2. Motion to update fees for non-residential members
      1. Amanda made a motion, Seconded by Patricia
      2. Vote took place. Nobody opposed.
      3. Membership fees are no longer higher for outside of U.S.A USA membership.
      4. Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports
        1. Amanda Grzych, President
        2. Patricia Wilton, V-P
        3. Joe Lind, Secretary
        4. Hans Mills, Treasurer
          1. Report was sent out a couple hours prior to the meeting.
  5. Rick, Director
  6. Scott Wilton, Director
  7. Mitch Wittenberg, Director
  8. James Sui, Director
  9. Shelly Strobierski, OOW
  10. Scott Wilton, Webmasters
    1. Website is doing okay. Had a few reports of contact issues.
    2. Anyone can submit more material for the website.
  11. Bonnie Messing/Carol Bricker, Affiliate Club Coordinators
  12. Wendy Grzych, Insurance Coordinator
    1. There was lots of confusion for last years NAUCC
    2. Wants to know as soon as possible, so we can get documentation ready and in place.
  13. Max Schultz, Trials and Street Adviser/Coordinator
    1. Question about coordinator/organizer for trials at naucc.
    2. Max might be able to do it, will follow up by next meeting.
  14. Danielle Ross, Beginner Rider Chairperson
  15. New Business
    1. UNICON T-shirts (Patricia)
      1. T-shirts are regarded as very important for us as a country.
      2. Patricia would like to coordinate a contest for artwork submittals.
      3. Board agreed we need performance T’s or very high quality cotton T-shirts.  Previous shirts where not held with high regard because of their cheaper quality.
  16. USA YouTube video (Amanda)
    1. USA would like to host a contest for videos that highlight unicycling.  To make it worthwhile, it’s suggested to offer prices.
      1. Covering registration at Naucc is a potential prize.
      2. Naucc t-shirts was also suggested as lower level prizes.
      3. Announcements
        1. By-laws amendment. (Scheduling Naucc in advance)
          1. 60 days are up. How do we go forward with voting?
          2. Needs to be sent to all members.
            1. As long as the larger clubs respond the amendment can pass, but ALL members need to be included and allowed to vote.
            2. Anything else?
              1. Skype Meetings for Skill Level Testers needs to be addressed.
                1. R. Woessner had agreed to do it once more.
                2. Patricia might need to take over that function.
                3. Patricia is going to try and talk to Ryan to either site in on the meeting or get some assistance and just run it herself.

VII.          Meeting Adjourned