How to host a NAUCC

In 10 Easy Steps:
Step 1:  Attend a NAUCC and read over the USA Rulebook.

Step 2:  Create a NAUCC Committee to help with planning.  Expect to meet at least monthly during the planning phase.

Step 3:  Consider your venues.

The required events include:

  • Track Racing – 400 meter track venue (indoor or outdoor) with at least 6 lanes with metric measurements
  • Road Racing – outdoor, rider-safe paths/roadways, generally 10k and full marathon
  •  Muni (Mountain Unicycling) – generally held on mountain bike trails that offer varying lengths and difficulty
  • Freestyle – indoor gym with a second gym for practice
  • Flatland – 11m X 14m smooth, cement outdoor area with additional space for spectators and judges
  • Trials – large outdoor area which provides plenty of room for multiple obstacles
  • Team Games – basketball (multiple courts) and hockey (multiple rinks)

Some venues may worry about damage from unicycles. These letters of recommendation for track and freestyle are available to help ease concerns a prospective venue owner.

Step 4:  Select NAUCC dates based upon venue availability AND the following guidelines:

  • On Unicon years (even numbered years), early- to mid-July
  • On non-Unicon years (odd numbered years), late July

* Note that registration numbers are generally much higher on non-Unicon years; therefore it is recommended that new hosts choose non-Unicon years in which to host.

Step 5:  Contact the USA Board with your intent to host ~1.5 years prior to the desired host date.  Ask for a USA liaison to oversee all aspects of planning.  Prepare a short presentation for USA members, and be prepared to present your basic plans (possible dates/venues, for example) at the NAUCC prior to the desired host date.

Step 6:  Work with USA liaison to create a budget and registration fees.

  • The USA, Inc. can establish a startup fund for any NAUCC, if requested, as some venues require payment prior to NAUCC registration.
  • Create a timeline for registration dates, staffing, and materials.

Step 7:  Create a NAUCC website that offers NAUCC registration payments.

Step 8:  Find (or ask the USA to find) experienced folks for the following roles:

  • Registration
  • Merchandise
  • Awards
  • Website
  • EMT
  • Workshops
  • Volunteers
  • Food availability during events
  • Lodging
  • Program Book
  • Advertisement
  • Fun rides
  • Final Dinner/Awards Ceremony/Raffle/Public Show
  • NAUCC Logo for T-shirts and Awards
  • Track
  • Road
  • Muni
  • Freestyle
  • Flatland
  • Trials
  • Basketball
  • Hockey

Step 9:  One or 2 months prior to NAUCC:

  • Order awards and T-shirts/merchandise
  • Secure insurance certificates
  • Finalize final dinner, lodging, program book, etc.
  • Be sure all officials are in place

Step 10:  Just prior to NAUCC and during NAUCC:

  • Handle all emergencies; expect to drop-the-ball a few times.  (No one is perfect.)  When a crisis arrives, contact the USA liaison.