Young Unicycle Rider

Learning for Little Kids

Young Unicycle RiderUnicycling can be very beneficial for children.  In addition to increased strength and balance skills, young riders are often the quickest to gain confidence and increase attention span.

Children as young as 3-6 years old can learn to unicycle. However, youngsters need to work harder because of their undeveloped coordination and lack of focus.   If you are willing to coach a child (and they are willing to learn), remember the following points in addition to basic riding tips.

  • Unicycle size.  Find a quality unicycle with the largest wheel which will accommodate the youngster.  This may be a 12, 14”, 16” or 18” wheel.  The rider’s legs should be slightly bent when the pedals are all the way down.  If it is necessary to shorten the seat post, use a pipe cutter and a file to smooth the cut edge.
  • Patience.  Generally, the younger the rider, the more time it takes for them to learn how to control the unicycle.  Start with frequent short practice sessions instead of trying to do too much at once.   Having initial limited structured daily practice times can be very rewarding.
  • Helpers.  Offer your hand from the side for stability but they should support their own weight as soon as possible.  Having two people assist very young riders helps them develop balance and coordination skills more quickly.
  • Don’t push it.  A big factor in whether a child succeeds is in how much determination they have.  Try to keep them focused on the goal and encourage them to visualize themselves riding solo.  If the desire vanishes, give them a break-but don’t despair.  Many will decide to try again later and their previously learned skills will come back quickly.
  • With patience and proper coaching, you can help bring the joy of unicycling to a child in your life.