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National Unicycle Week

National Unicycle Week is the 3rd full week of May. This annual event was established by the Unicycling Society of America in 2017, as an opportunity for riders around the country to share their love of the sport, promote the benefits of riding and to encourage new riders to give it a try.

The kick-off to National Unicycle Week on the first Sunday every year is Ride a Unicycle Day, a challenge to everyone, young and old, to take to one wheel, perhaps for the very first time!

So email a friend, post to your favorite social media site, put on your favorite unicycle-themed t-shirt or simply get up and get out. Be seen on your unicycle on Ride a Unicycle Day and use National Unicycle Week to spread the word that unicycling is fun!

National Unicycle Week is May 15th-21st, 2022, with Ride a Unicycle Day on May 15th, 2022!


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