The Unicycling Society of America was incorporated in 1974 under the not-for-profit corporation laws of the state of New York. For many years the organization operated with the standard boilerplate set of bylaws distributed with New York’s incorporation papers.

In the early 1980s the USA drafted a constitution to add more detail to our corporate structure. But the advent of electronic communication, among other things, made it necessary for updates. Below is the 2014 version, which replaces the previously existing documents.

USA Constitution and Bylaws, 2014

In 2017 the USA Executive Board wishes to once again update the Constitution and Bylaws. The proposed amendment is supported by a majority of the Executive Board and requires a member vote to be formally accepted.

Timeline for the vote:

  • April 15th – Formal notification of the vote
  • May 15th – Ballots sent out
  • June 15th – Vote closes

Voting is open to all USA members 18 years or older. Ballots will be sent to member email addresses registered on the USA Membership  website.

The USA Board encourages members to vote ‘Yes’ to acccept the proposed amendments.

A copy of the 2014 Constitution and Bylaws with the proposed changes marked-up is available here.