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Benefits of affiliation include

  1. Club liability insurance if all club members are USA members.
  2. Inclusion of club contact information in the official USA, Inc. roster of clubs listed on the USA, Inc. website here.
  3. Eligibility of club members who are also USA, Inc. members to participate in club competitions at the North American Unicycling Championships and Convention.
  4. Eligibility to purchase official USA skill level merchandise, as governed by requirements established by the Skills Development Committee and USA, Inc. Board of Directors.
  5. Eligibility to apply for assistance from the USA Coaching Program, an initiative created to help foster new and developing USA clubs
  6. General support, information, and regular e-mail news updates from the USA, Inc.

Guidelines for becoming a USA, Inc Affiliated Club

  1. Clubs must apply to the USA, Inc. Board of Directors to become affiliated, providing basic information about their club, including name, location, contact, number of members, purpose, and other information as requested by the USA, Inc. There is no fee.
  2. To maintain their affiliation status, clubs must submit an annual report to the USA by January 1 each year. Details of this report will be provided directly by the USA, Inc. to all affiliates by the Affiliate Coordinator.
  3. Clubs must submit membership data, skill level updates, and USA, Inc. dues payments (if applicable), at least quarterly, but may send them more often, if desired, for all club members who are USA, Inc. members. Updates are due January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. No quarterly update is required if there is no change within the club. Quarterly update requirements will be described in separate affiliation guidelines.
  4. At least one club member must be a paid member of the USA, Inc.

Clubs may withdraw their affiliation at any time upon request to the USA, Inc. Board of Directors.

The USA, Inc. may terminate affiliation at any time if a club fails to meet requirements, or for other reasons such as misconduct or failure to represent the sport or the USA, Inc. in a positive manner. Any incidents of this nature should be referred to the USA, Inc. Board of Directors for immediate action.

Notices will be sent via e-mail and / or U.S. mail to alert clubs to any future changes to the affiliation requirements.

Details of this action, including the development of guidelines for applying for affiliation and the quarterly and annual reports, will be handled by the Affiliate Coordinator(s) and / or others appointed by the USA, Inc. Board of Directors.

If you would like to become a USA Affiliated Club, please contact Put "USA- New Club Affiliation Request" in the subject line.

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