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USA, Inc. provides all Affiliated Clubs and USA members liability unicycling insurance that can be used to rent  venues, participate in parades/performances, or host events. This insurance is NOT health insurance; each individual is expected to have their own health insurance.  The USA, Inc. insurance plan covers all forms of unicycling including, but not limited to: Racing, Distance, Muni, Hockey, Basketball, Trials, Street, Flatland, Flaming Puck, Sumo and so much more!

Covered Members include:

All USA, Inc. Members, both riders and non-riders, who reside in the U.S.

All U.S. Affiliated Clubs that require all club members to be USA members.


  • General Aggregate Limit – unlimited
  • Each occurrence limit – $2,000,000
  • Damage to rented premises – $300,000
  • Medical limit (for non-USA, Inc. members) – $5,000 per person

To obtain a copy of the proof of insurance, please send and email to To name additional insured(s) on the insurance certificate, allow at least 2 non-holiday weekdays.

Beginner’s Classes: Beginners are NOT required to be USA, Inc. members; instead, all beginners’ class participants must sign a waiver, available upon request.

Hosting Unicycling Events: Hosts of any unicycling event who wish to use USA, Inc. insurance must require all participants to be current USA, Inc. members.

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