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24 November 2013

I.               Call Meeting to Order

Attendance: Hans Mills, Patricia Wilton, Scott Wilton, Max Schulze, Shelly Stobierski, Wendy Grzych, Amanda Grzych

II.       Old Business

  1. Rulebook Committee – Scott
    1. Massive updates are being addressed.
      1. Won’t really be ready to vote/accept things til January
      2. Will have a rough outline of changes for OOW.
  2. UNICON 2014/USA Qualifications—Scott
    1. No flat, street, trials or muni limitations.
    2. Artistic limitations, we really won’t hit the limits.
      1. Scott is going to prepare an email for Hans to send out. Letting USA members know they should register.
    3. Track limitations: 10 per country, or time limit TBD.
  3. NAUCC 2014—Patricia
    1. Basic schedule and outline shared with board members.
    2. It’s ready to be shared with clubs, but isn’t published yet.
    3. Website is still in progress.
    4. Registration is expected to open in the nearish future.
  4. Online Membership
    1. Discussion of yearly versus annual membership
      1. Good for calendar year vs 12 months.
    2. Motion to update fees for non-residential members
      1. Amanda made a motion, Seconded by Patricia
      2. Vote took place. Nobody opposed.
      3. Membership fees are no longer higher for outside of U.S.A USA membership.
      4. Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports
        1. Amanda Grzych, President
        2. Patricia Wilton, V-P
        3. Joe Lind, Secretary
        4. Hans Mills, Treasurer
          1. Report was sent out a couple hours prior to the meeting.
  5. Rick, Director
  6. Scott Wilton, Director
  7. Mitch Wittenberg, Director
  8. James Sui, Director
  9. Shelly Strobierski, OOW
  10. Scott Wilton, Webmasters
    1. Website is doing okay. Had a few reports of contact issues.
    2. Anyone can submit more material for the website.
  11. Bonnie Messing/Carol Bricker, Affiliate Club Coordinators
  12. Wendy Grzych, Insurance Coordinator
    1. There was lots of confusion for last years NAUCC
    2. Wants to know as soon as possible, so we can get documentation ready and in place.
  13. Max Schultz, Trials and Street Adviser/Coordinator
    1. Question about coordinator/organizer for trials at naucc.
    2. Max might be able to do it, will follow up by next meeting.
  14. Danielle Ross, Beginner Rider Chairperson
  15. New Business
    1. UNICON T-shirts (Patricia)
      1. T-shirts are regarded as very important for us as a country.
      2. Patricia would like to coordinate a contest for artwork submittals.
      3. Board agreed we need performance T’s or very high quality cotton T-shirts.  Previous shirts where not held with high regard because of their cheaper quality.
  16. USA YouTube video (Amanda)
    1. USA would like to host a contest for videos that highlight unicycling.  To make it worthwhile, it’s suggested to offer prices.
      1. Covering registration at Naucc is a potential prize.
      2. Naucc t-shirts was also suggested as lower level prizes.
      3. Announcements
        1. By-laws amendment. (Scheduling Naucc in advance)
          1. 60 days are up. How do we go forward with voting?
          2. Needs to be sent to all members.
            1. As long as the larger clubs respond the amendment can pass, but ALL members need to be included and allowed to vote.
            2. Anything else?
              1. Skype Meetings for Skill Level Testers needs to be addressed.
                1. R. Woessner had agreed to do it once more.
                2. Patricia might need to take over that function.
                3. Patricia is going to try and talk to Ryan to either site in on the meeting or get some assistance and just run it herself.

VII.          Meeting Adjourned

2013 USA Annual Meeting

I.                 Call Meeting to Order

Called to order at 6:11pm

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5 May 2013

I.              Call Meeting to Order

II.            Call to order

A.   Attendance:   Scott Wilton, Hans Mills, Amanda Grzych, Joe Lind, Max Schulze, Nicole Crook, James Sui, Aaron Schmitz, Rick Carr

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4 November 2012

I.              Call Meeting to Order

7:21 Meeting start.

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9 September 2012

  1. Call Meeting to Order

  2. Call to order  6:37 Central Daylight Time
    1. Attendance:   Wendy Grzych, Amanda Grzych, Scott Wilton,
      Hans Mills, Joe Lind, Max Schulze, Nicole Crook, James Sui

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2012 USA Annual Meeting

I.                   1:30- meeting called to order

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15 January 2012

I.      The meeting was called to order by Wendy Grzych at 6:11pm


President:  Wendy Grzych

Vice President:  Max Schulze

Treasurer:  Hans Mills – not present

Secretary:  Bob Griffin

OOW Editor:  Amanda Grzych

Director:  Joe Lind

Director:  Bonnie Messing – not present

Director:  Nicole Crook – not present

Director:  Scott Wilton

Webmaster:  Aaron Schmitz

Connie Cotter: not present

John Foss: not present



We were experiencing technical difficulty so we resorted to typing our communications.



II.            Old Business

  1. IRS update  – Hans – not present



  1. Unicon
  • The only issue is to ensure everyone going is an active current USA member.


  1. NAUCC 2012
  • Still in planning stages
  • Hoping to have site up soon
  • Still July 10 – 15 in Saleen Michigan



  1. USA Insurance
  • Renewed for another year



  1. Any active committee work – Connie/Ryan/Carol
  • Rules committee – no report
  • Ryan did a Level Tester Training session this past week
  • On One Wheel – Amanda offered to try getting old versions on the web site;  Amanda needs submissions PLEASE;  it was suggested members submit “couples” pictures for the February issue
  • USA Records – Amanda offered to assist getting all old records on the site as well.
  • Merchandising – we had a lengthy discussion about pins for IRUS levels and if they should be sold.
  • Skill Development Committee – we discussed the possibility of having additional skill levels that are NOT artistic based, as are the current IRUS levels.  We decided to table the discussion until we could meet via Skype voice.
  •  A special meeting to discuss this was proposed.  Wendy will coordinate


  1. Teen Business
  • No report



  1. Affiliated Club Updates – none;  Bonnie was not present



  1. OOW Submissions
  • Submit to Amanda at
  • If every club would have an OOW writer, it would make Amanda’s job easier


  1. Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports
    1. Wendy, President  – nothing
    2. Max, V-P – nothing
    3. Bob, Secretary – nothing
    4. Hans, Treasurer  – In his absence it was reported that we are up over 800 members again!
    5. Amanda, OOW Editor
  • Nothing we haven’t already discussed


  1. AAron, Webmaster  – not present
  2. Joe, Director – not present
  3. Bonnie, Director – not present
  4. Nicole, Director – not present
  5. Scott, Director – no updates


IV.          New Business

  1. NAUCC 2013 – TCUC offered to host
  2. Board members for 2013
    1. Need a new secretary since Bob is in his third year.  A few potential candidates were discussed
    2. Amanda will continue with On One Wheel
    3. Wendy suggested that if we lose Bonnie from New York, it would be nice to get someone else from there as well.
    4. Aaron offered to continue as Web Master

  3. Aaron asked about the long-term viability of On One Wheel.  Every month, Amanda has difficulty getting ANY submissions for the publication. We discussed options like Facebook or making it an annual publication instead, frequency of issues.. Currently we are down to only 4 issues a year due to lack of articles and photos.  We need every club to submit at least one article a month for the publication.  Max offered to sort through videos of street and flat and send the best to Amanda once a quarter.


V.           Announcements

A.   Upcoming Uni Events

  1. Arizona Muni Weekend
  2. MN Mondo
  3. NAUCC 2012
  4. Butler Weekend – waiting on details from Dave Krack
  5. Additional information can be found on:


  1. Anything else?
  • ???
  • ???



VI.          Meeting Adjourned:  7:40pm

11 September 2011

The meeting was
called to order at 6:10pm by Wendy Grzych


    President:  Wendy Grzych

                            Vice President:  Max Schulz

                            Treasurer:  Hans Mills

                            Secretary:  Bob Griffin

                            OOW editor:  Amanda Grzych

                            Webmaster:  John Foss – not present

                            Director:  Joe Lind

                            Director:  Bonnie Messing

                            Director:  Nicole Crook

                            Director:  Scott Wilton

                            Aaron Schmitz


    Old Business

    A.   IRS update  – Hans

    Wendy got a package with all of the dialog between USA, NY and
    Feds.  It appears that we will have to
    start over again because time limits have elapsed.

    B.   USA website update – Aaron
    and Scott

  • Aaron put a google doc of everything that
    needs to be done.  Some pages need to be
    written, like Start and Run a Club.  We
    could go without them for now.  Scott
    talked to Tim about merchandising and using PayPal. 
  • Hans received material, including a check,
    from Mel so he can re-open a bank account and a PayPal account.
  • Aaron needs a copy of the NAUCC database to
    begin posting for CivicCRM membership. 
  • Wendy asked if we could launch in December or
    January.  If we wait until membership is
    all set up, then we need to wait until January.
  • We decided to get the new site up in October
    as long as someone can write the Start and Run A Club page.
  • Membership registration and payment will come
  • Amanda asked if OOW will have a page and
    Scott confirmed it will.
  • We also need to decide if we want to post all
    of our own photos or link to sites like John Foss’s.
  • Aaron asked for help reviewing the pages
  • Wendy asked for them to send Links to the
    group so we can provide feedback.
  • Additional discussion was held around the
    Events page and who should decide what events get added.  Amanda will help coordinate this and allow

    C.   Teen Business – Ryan

    Wendy asked what happened to all of the OOW that were supposed to
    be scanned.  Ryan thinks the box is at
    his mothers’ house and will check on them.


    Ryan sent a Google form to everyone who attended the Teen meeting
    at USA in Madison.  He was trying to
    collect some basic information and received data from 10 people.


    He will re-send the form
    to everyone who didn’t reply.


    Tasks he is trying to get teens involved with:

    assistance scanning and editing pages

    Assistance for Amanda getting content for OOW

    Maintaining a records database


    Once he gets feedback from more teens, he is going to assign them
    to groups and try to get it all up by middle of October.


    D.   NAUCC 2012 update – Wendy

  • Held first meeting, have venues and schedules
    set.  T-Shirt colors picked (shamrock green)

    E.   Any active committee work
    – Connie/Ryan/Carol


    1.    Skill Levels:  Carol Bricker

    Carol is working on IRUS skills and has been trying to expand to
    cover more areas.  She needs a volunteer
    to take over production and sale of pins.
    She suggested lanyards or other ways for riders to display their
    levels.  Wendy suggested we need someone
    to work with Carol to help her out and keep this rolling.


    Carol provided a Skills Committee report to Wendy but was not

    We decided to table this as a group until she can attend a Skype


    2.    Testing:  Ryan Woessner

    He is trying to find the time to set up Skype training as soon as
    he gets his personal schedule settled. 


    If anyone wants to become certified, please contact Ryan Woessner.


    3.    Rules:  Connie Cotter

    Connie was not present but via use of technology, Scott contacted
    her via text message and she asked for volunteers to assist with rules.  Those volunteers are:

    Scott Wilton

    James Samui

    Wendy Grzych

    Amanda Grzych

    Max Schulze



    Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’

    Wendy, President: Nothing

    Max, V-P:  Nothing

    Bob, Secretary:  Nothing

    Hans, Treasurer: he needs information on
    new/renewing USA members from Madison.
    He received a file today and hasn’t had time to get through it all.  If he doesn’t see what he needs, he will
    contact Scott.


    Amanda, OOW Editor:  Received only 3 things for OOW.  Wendy asked for all clubs to submit an
    article and photos by the end of the week.


    John, Webmaster :  not present

    Joe, Director: not present


    Bonnie, Director:  Carol and Bonnie are planning to contact all
    clubs in the next few weeks.  They
    received a new club request from the web and she will respond to them in a few
    weeks.  Bonnie is trying to finalize a
    template to use for sending anyone who requests info about starting a club.

  • I.
    Nicole, Director:  not present


    Scott, Director:  nothing




New Business

USA website(s)

and Aaron need the basic DreamHost account set up for the new site.  We also need to decide on what domain names
to retain and who owns what.









motioned to budget $300 to cover all expenses for the next year.  Vote was unanimous in favor.


final decision was made on what urls to maintain.  Wendy asked that be redirected
to  Scott confirmed this
could be done.


USA UNICON XVI qualification

said that it appears we will have lots of openings for Unicon so anyone going
should apply for every event they want to compete in.



and Wendy have been working on some options for new potential logos for
USA.  Bonnie offered to contact the
person that has done some work for NY recently.


will need apparel for Unicon so it may be nice to decide on a new logo before




Upcoming Uni Events

1.    NYC: 

350 attendees; 

Dates are same for next year – Labor day weekend


2.    California Muni Weekend


4.    NAUCC 2012:  Max asked who was organizing trials.  Wendy said they really need help with this.  Redford had someone help at Madison to learn
the ropes but they need lots more assistance designing lines.


Anything else?

We are in limbo for membership
registration since the old mailbox is dead.
Hans will send out an address for us to use for now to send USA
membership registrations.


meeting November 6 at 6pm Eastern


Meeting Adjourned at

2011 USA Annual Meeting

  1. Meeting called to order by President, Connie Cotter at 7:06pm at which point we proceeded on to voting for officers.

  1. Affirmation/Voting of Officers

    1. President
      1. Wendy Grzych was nominated by Caroline Alexander and seconded by Hans Mills.  Bill Gilbertson made a motion to accept. Wendy as president and Scott Arnold Seconded.  All voted in favor of Wendy.

(At this point, Wendy ran the remainder of the meeting.)

    1. Vice President
      1. Max Schulze was nominated by and seconded by Ryan Woessner.  All voted in favor
    1. Treasurer
      1. Carol Alexander nominated Hans Mills.  Joanne Egan seconded.  All voted in favor
    1. Secretary
      1. Bob Griffin was nominated by Dianne Gilbertson and seconded by Hans Mills.  All voted in favor
    1. Directors
  • Ryan nominated Scott Wilton.  Natalie Lanzatella seconded.

All voted in favor.

  • Max Schulze was nominated by Ryan Woessner and seconded by Hans Mills.  Gilbertson made motion to close the nominations.  All voted in favor
  1. Old Business

    1. USA insurance – renewed for another year
    2. USA website status – we have plans to finish off the new website and include registration/renewal; Wendy asked for anyone willing to help out.  See Aaron if you want to help.
    3. USA IRS update – we have been working to get the 5013C completed.  We will resume this process
    4. Committees
      1. Rulebook – Connie Cotter reported that Robin set up the database of rules but it did not get finished.  We need to work on completion of this.  Connie does not want to be director of the Rulebook Committee.  Wendy asked for volunteers but no one stepped up.
        1. Max Schulze – offered to help out.
      1. Skill Development – Carol is looking for help in this area and this will be part of our first meeting.
      2. Skill Level – Ryan will be certifying testers later in the week.
    1. Other board business – none
  1. Current Board Members’ Reports
    1. Connie Cotter, President – nothing
    2. Tammy Crook, Vice President – nothing
    3. Bob Griffin, Secretary – nothing
    4. Mel Zeller, Treasurer – $14,638 in the us account and printed reports are available
    5. Barb Janowiecki, Director – nothing to report
    6. Bonnie Messing, Director – not present.
    7. Joe Lind, Director – nothing to report
    8. Nicole Crook, Director  – nothing to report
  1. Current Appointed Positions’ Reports

    1. John Foss, Webmaster – holding in there;  Working on new site.

    2. Amanda Grzych, OOW Editor – Amanda mentioned she desperately needs content.   She asked EVERYONE to send in anything.  Articles, pictures, videos, anything.
    3. Greg Muellerleile, Merchandise Manager – nothing to report; not present
    4. Mel Zeller, Membership Data Coordinator – TCUS was largest, RTUC was second with 178; Hutchison was third.  A lot of new members and clubs are coming in.
    5. Bonnie Messing and Carol Bricker, Affiliate Coordinators – previously reported
    6. Carol Bricker, IUF Representative – nothing to report
    7. Ryan Woessner, Teen Leadership Mentor – team meeting immediately following this
    8. Carol Bricker, Historian – nothing to report
  1. New Business

    1. NAUCC 2012 – RTUC has offered to host at the same gyms as before in Saline Michigan.  They have already gathered permissions from some sites.    July 10 – 15.  The dates ARE set.
    2. UNICON 2012, Northern Italy – Talk to Ryann if you are curious about qualifying.  Early registration is coming up soon.
    3. Anything else
      1. Bill Gilbertson mentioned that scholarships will be handed out and the meeting that was scheduled for earlier today will be held later.
      2. Ryan offered to speak to anyone about UNICON
  1. Meeting Adjourned at 7:28

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