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The Unicycling Society of America was incorporated in 1974 under the not-for-profit corporation laws of the state of New York. For many years the organization operated with the standard boilerplate set of bylaws distributed with New York’s incorporation papers.

In the early 1980s the USA drafted a constitution to add more detail to our corporate structure. But the advent of electronic communication, among other things, made it necessary for updates. Below is the 2017 version, which replaces the previously existing documents and is the most up-to-date Constitution as of 2021.

USA Constitution and Bylaws, 2017


Contact an Officer


        • President: Dave Krack (president@uniusa.org) (elected 2019)
        • Vice President: Jill Cohan (vice.president@uniusa.org) (elected 2019)
        • Secretary: Jake Bavarsky (secretary@uniusa.org) (elected 2021)
        • Treasurer & Membership: Dani Chevalier (treasurer@uniusa.org) (elected 2019)

Directors (with terms)

        • Connie Cotter (2019-2022)
        • Noli Ergas (2019-2022)
        • Phil Sanders  (2019-2022)
        • Shannon Sparks  (2019-2022)
        • Richard Tharrett  (2019-2022)
        • Rick Tharrett  (2019-2022)
        • Dale Grzych (2020-2023)
        • John Foss (2021-2024)

2020-2021 Volunteer Leadership

        • Affiliate Club Coordinator: Wendy Grzych (wgrzych@comcast.net)
        • Coaching Program: Patricia Wilton (coaching@uniusa.org)
        • Insurance: Wendy Grzych and Jill Cohan (insurance@uniusa.org)
        • IUF Liaison: Patricia Wilton (patricia.f.wilton@gmail.com)
        • Level Testing: Patricia Wilton (levels@uniusa.org)
        • Scholarship Chairperson: Jill Cohan (scholarship@uniusa.org)
        • Webmaster: Jake Bavarsky (web@uniusa.org)

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